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A Poem From A Parent To There Child Lock Rss

From Parent To Child

I helped give you life,but i cannot live for you;
I can teach you things,but i cannot make you learn;
I can give you directions,but i cannot lead you;
I can give you freedom,but i cannot take account for it;
I can teach you right from wrong,but i cannot decide for you;
I can buy you trendy clothes,but i cannot make you popular;
I can give you beautiful gifts,but i cannot make you beautiful inside;
I can offer you advice,but i cannot take it for you;
I can give you love,but i cannot force it upon you;
I can teach you to share,but i cannot make you unselfish;
I can teach you respect,but i cannot force you to show honour;
I can advise you about friends,but i cannot choose them for you;
I can tell you about drugs,but i cannot say no for you;
I can help set goals,but i cannot achieve them for you;
I can teach you kindness,but i cannot force you to be gracious;
I can teach you the facts of life,but i cannot make your morals nor build your reputation;
I WILL make mistakes and so WILL you,but always remember;
I will always be there for you because;


That's lovely cassie

Have you read the threads from "I am a shocking mother"? I fell off my chair!!

I was wounded for all of those kids, what kind of roll models do they have and what kind of life or future do they have? NONE

I am hopeing that that topic is a joke??

Do youk know?

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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