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Boobs - one bigger than the other! Lock Rss

Anyone got the same problem as me?

My right boob is bigger than the left and it is really noticeable!

I am no longer breastfeeding and am wondering if my boobs will ever be the same size again?

2 cutie kids!

I'm the opposite - lefty is noticably bigger! I'm still breastfeeding, and my left boob is Nina's favourite, and even though I give her righty whenever I can, it's hard to keep a balance!

I read in a health magazine once that it's really common for women's breasts to be different sizes - breastfeeding or not. I guess when you think about it, not much on our bodies is perfectly symmetrical. It's funny cos I mentioned it to my Mum, and she said "My left one's bigger too!"

How long ago did you stop breastfeeding? If they were about the same before, it may just take a while for them to get back to something like normal.

This new forum is strange ...

Hi cutiesgirlmum, are you left handed? I told my dr that my left boob was bigger and she said that's usually the case with right handers... I can't figure that one out. I thought it's cos my bub prefers the left side more

To teach is to learn twice

Hi guys, i was at a lingerie party a few years ago and the lady that did it had been in the industry for years and years and she told us that it is really unusual for a woman to have two boobs the SAME! Apararently its not as noticeable in some women as others but its really normal. My boobs aren't even, its not really noticeable unless i look down at my cleavage and i can tell its not even...let all us freaks unite and be lopsided together!!!! Haha!

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

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