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Freaking out Rss

I have just found out i am pregnant and starting to get worried about the prospect of caring for 3 children. Did you find it hard?? Also do you have any tips to help make my life easier?? How do you go out and about running erands with 3 kids?

I know iam worrying about things that i don't need to right now. But i feel i have to get some answers to get me back in the right head space. Thanks
It's always difficult at first with a new baby. How old are your other two? When I had DD2, DD1 had just turned 3 two weeks prior and DS was 19 months old. It was hard at first until I establised a routine that worked for us. I had a twin pram for DS and DD2 so going out was fairly easy. Dinner gets prepared as much as possible in the mornings, washing gets hung out when bub is asleep. Try not to stress too much, everything will fall into place and work out. Congrats on the preganancy!!
Well I am a total beginner at three, but we are all coping well and my older boys have adjusted really well.
Organisation/routine does appear to be critical for things that really matter-meals/food, washing, cleaning, play dates etc
The kindy runs are tricky but DS3 now can be moved from car to cot to continue sleeping.
Food shopping on-line is total gold and worth every cent.
The biggest lesson for me is to ask for help, what blew me away was people were so willing to help me.
Relax and let the little things go has also become the family mantra,

Good luck!
Still trying to get my head around it all.

My DS will be a week off turning 5, my DD will be just over 2.5. I am sure things will work themselves out. I'm just a worry wort....and emotional lol.

I am someone who is ALWAYS super organised so this has thrown me big time.

Thanks again smile
i agree with what the PPs have said.
the other thing i found that helped with this preg is explaining to the older two what was going to be happening, you can leave this until you start to show or whatever, but we told them straight away (helped that SIL was preg at the beggining)
i said we are going to have another baby, mummys tummy is going to get big like aunt lis and then go to hospital and baby will come home with mummy back then we were saying after christmas (big countdown etc lol) now were are saying after DD1 starts school (a couple of weeks away) DD1 is starting to get a bit impatient lol but i got her and DD2 to help pack my bags eith things mummy will need in hospital needless to say i had to clear a couple things out after they werent looking lol but it made them feel involved, now we just have to wait. we are all getting impatient lol

Dont feel alone in being scared! I am terrified! I have a DS who is 5 in June, DD is 3 in March and I am due on the 27th May with number 3 but the thing that makes things alot more scarier for me is my partner and I have recently seperated, so ill be mummy and daddy to 3 LoL I am just REALLY lucky i have fantastic suppourt from my parents!!

Good Luck!
First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What wonderful news smile

I've been a mother of three for three months now....

DD1 is 2.5
DD2 is 17 months
DS is 3 months

So as you see, they're all pretty close together in age.

As a PP said, explain things as they are going along, as you get bigger etc, and I got DD1 to start helping out more around the house (as much as a 2 year old can) just with little things like getting me a nappy if I needed one, getting a towel or a facewasher or a baby wipe, little things like that. She feels wonderful to be helping, and much as it is a small thing it really is a big help. Having the kids that bit older as you do will hopefully make it a little easier too as they can take instruction.

As for getting out and about, well, online grocery shopping is the best invention in the world and I soooo hope you have it in your area because it rocks.

The hardest thing with me and getting around is that DS doesn't really like traveling in the middle in the capsule, predominantly because the girls poke him while we're driving, so that's a challenge.

Night times are the trickiest I think particularly at the start. It's just a matter of getting yourself into a routine, and routine is a saviour. I find that bathing DS in the afternoon rather than the evening makes my life a lot easier. Might not sound like much but makes a huge difference. And I try to follow the exact same routine every night, within a half hour or so, except on special occasions like Christmas or the odd party or whatever.

Best thing is to try and stick to exactly the routine you have and 'slot' the newbie in. It might take a little while but it will work out and you'll find things go very smoothly 99% of the time.

And you can always come on here forhelp or support if you need it smile
Thanks so much for your advice and support!

I feel silly for worrying so much, but i guess that's what happens with an unexpected pregnancy.

We have had to break our lease and hope the tenants in our house are co-oporative and we are renting and want to move back to our own home. I think just the stress of everything is weighing on my mind and making things seem much worse than they are.

Thanks again!! Don't worry i will be coming on here a lot for help lol smile
you will be fine, at least your other 2 are a bit older, I had my 3rd when my 1st was almost 2 and a half.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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