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What kind of parent are you when you go out? Lock Rss

What kind of parent are you when you go out?

I am so funny I have to have my hair straightened, my clothes clean and pressed ,make up on, the kids all looking lovely in their clean clothes and their hair all brushed and clipped back nice, faces clean, hands clean, shoes on.. etc

And I wonder why I am ALWAYS late! With getting myself and four children ready in the mornings.! smile

I see some parents that walk down the street in their slippers and pj's on still, And children in bare feet and snot running down their faces, and I have even seen toddlers walking down the road with a full nappy woddling behind them... Is it ok to be like this? or am i just to much of a perfectionist?
I think i'm some where in the middle. Baby always clean and well presented when we leave the house. Me- hair barely brushed, no make up, clean but crinkly clothes (i hate ironing). But, I was like that before I had a baby, so its nothing new smile
No i have to have make up, and kids all dressed clean clothes all matching or co ordinated.... i have to be in nice clothes also, i have baby wipes for cleaning faces etc too, can NOT cope going out with dirty kids, and in their pre school bags they have clean ironed co ordinated clothes to wear also... can't cope if i pick her up and she has a dirty face still from lunch, I don't mind a dirty face while eating etc and stuff like that but you can't leave the house like that,
I envy women like you!! Im always wearing jeans and a singlet, hair in a ponytail and no make up, and my girls are wearing pretty dresses and tights, but DD1 usually has crazy bedhair, there are some mornings that her screams just from brushing her hair is not worth it. She's also one of those kids that you clean her face before you leave, by the time you arrive at your destination she's covered in something sticky lmao
I would not go out in pjs but i dont care if i have make up on or not.
What if your just running to the supermarket? Are you telling me that you have to have your make up on for that?

And the kids, as long as they dont look like no one owns them its ok.
My DD is always well dressed, clean etc. I don't wear makeup unless I'm going "out" or a special occasion, my hair is usually up in a 'messy' bun or ponytail and my clothes are neat.

If I'm just going down to the corner store I don't really care what I look like laugh
I'm in the middle too. I go out in jeans and a hoodie, make up maybe once a week/ fortnight but my hair is always brushed. Kids are always clean, in nice clothes with their hair brushed and tied back. To be honest I don't really care what I look like as long as the kids are looking clean and well dressed.

ETA: 10 minutes after we get wherever the kids usually have food all over them and lion hair but at least I try.
I dont wear make up (only on special occasions) hair brushed, clean clothes.
Boys - faces clean and clean clothes
I always wear make up and clean clothes, but from around December- April I wont straighten my gair or anything. I cant handle the heat and dont want my hair on my neck making me hotter anyway. Hair is almost always in a bun. I also dont buy clothes that need ironing to be worn.

DS us always clean, with clean clothes, but his shoes will be a little dirty. Cant keep white shoes clean forever! They go in the wash or bin when they start to get real grubby though.

Clothes - well I try and look presentable at least when I go out, even if it is to swimming lessons or doing the Aldi run.

Make up - well, its not a must.........but I will never go out the door (even on rainy days) without a sunscreen on my face. Never, ever, ever.

Hair - My routine as soon as my feet hit the ground out of bed in the morning, I brush my hair. I cant help it, it is an ingrained routine. I feel all ruffled if I dont. I used to be a pony tail girl always, but since getting my 'sophisticated' graduated bob, I need to GHD or blow dry it every day, so it does make me look like a more glamourous mummy doing the groceries than before LOL!

Kids - always always always wearing clean clothes and certainly wearing footwear. DS gets a #2 on his hair so it does not need brushing, and DD's is soooo baby fine you cant really brush it.

His Royal Highness, Prince William

clean clothes on all family members,

i dont wear make up , either in jeans or leggings or tracksuits & ( joggers .hair in ponytail

i used wear all nice stuff but with Cory & Casey growing up needing my time it doesn't happen don't have the time .

cheers jude
I wear make up every single day, not caked on or anything, but I can't leave the house with out it on, and even weekends when we are hanging at home applying it is still part of my morning routine. But 10 years ago I wasn't that bad, ageing - really sux smile but now I put it on daily. I like my kids neat and tidy when we leave the house, I carry wipes with me and always clean their faces and noses before we get out of the car. Footwear is a must. By the end of the day when I pick them up after work, they look a bit dishelved and dirty, but they are kids so its to be expected, but they never leave home looking that way.
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