"Now I understand that for many parents, especially where education levels are low and daily life so tough and frazzled, the notion of a book to record details of the infant's every sleep seems indulgent and precious."

How about this instead. . .

"Now I understand that for many parents, especially when their husbands salary levels are so high that they are arrogant and deluded, and when daily life is so leisurely and easy; the idea of breastfeeding or caring for ones own children, the idea of offering a supple and perky breast to be ruined by their savage baby, or attempting to lower the risk of SIDS; all certainly seem indulgent and precious.. . Not all mums are created equal."

My favourite part is how she assumes that we would all get breast implants if suddenly our breasts no longer fit into the "perfect" category. Maybe our relationships and happiness do not actually depend on whether or not our breasts are saggy?

To be fair though, articles are often edited before publishing, and the author usually has to sign that they consent to this even when they have not seen the end result. I do see that she is arrogant, and I do not like that she assumes her way of parenting is far superior to anyone elses, but perhaps she attempted to explain better and it was edited out. Her point could actually have been that you don't necessarily have to comply to "the rules" to be a good parent. (I am giving her the benefit of the doubt here, as surely noone is that deranged???)