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Which parenting book or blog has helped you? Lock Rss

With so many books and blogs devoted to parenting, Sarah asks which ones have helped you cope with motherhood?

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Robin Barker's Baby Love and The Mighty Toddler have become my bibles! Love them!
Also had Save Our Sleep for DS, but found the schedules to restrictive smile
ABSOLUTELY LOVED SOS SAVE OUR SLEEP! After 2 simple babies, my 3rd was a challenge. Loved the routine because it made it work within a day or 2 instead of weeks. My bub slept no longer than 2 hours at night and no longer than 45mins in the day. I bought the book on a sunday morning and that night he slept 8hours. Might be a little tough to follow, but it's well worth it!
I live by Robyn Barker's book "Baby Love" aswell-your right there are so many books that it can get overwhelming and I feel that this one has the answers that make sense.
Baby Love came recommended and was really invaluable.


whilst pregant i read the book "What to expect when expecting" it gives you so much good info that it left me with no questions of what was happening.
Its the perfect book to have next to the bed for the nightly read.
I would definantly say that 'Baby Love' and Kaz Cookes' 2 'Up The Duff' and 'Kidwrangling' have been fantastic, i would recommed them to anyone

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