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how old were you? Lock Rss

how old were you when you had your first bub?

do you think it was a good age to have your first bubs why or why not?

Now that time has passed would you have waited/tried at a younger date etc

And looking back when people say they are going to have a baby (the same age you were) what do you think about it?
I will be 22 by the time my DD1 arrives in November. Before I was pregnant I guess I thought 22 was quite young age for a woman to have her first child. I didn't however see it as being a bad thing, age is just a number and becoming a parent is more about maturity levels rather than 'the right age'. In an ideal world (Hahaha) I would have waited until I was about 25 or 26 to start trying for a family but now baby is coming I could not be happier to start this parenthood afew years earlier. I wouldn't change the timing of falling pregnant, not one bit. It is what it is and will be what it will be. My time is now....

Everything for a reason, right?
I had my DS when I was 16. My DF and I were quite mature for our age and we were financially stable when our DS was born. I don't regret it at all, I love my DS and I love being a young Mum. My DF was 18 when my DS was born.

Every time I see a young Mum or hear that a 16 year old is pregnant I can't help but think 'wow, they're a bit young' until I realise I was the same age. I feel so old for my age! lol (I'm 19 now). I think it's taught me not to pass judgement on other mothers. Age doesn't indicate how good of a mother you're going to be, it's likely to suggest how financially stable you are though - we were just lucky my DF had a well paying job when he was 18.
I was 25 when DD1 was born.
I was 19 when i had DS and i will be 21 when i have my DD next month.
Looking back it would have probably been a good idea to wait a little longer but now that i have my DS i wouldnt change it for the world he is the love of my life.
I cant wait for my daughter to arrive to make our little family perfect.
You really have to step up and mature alot faster when u have kids at a young age and i think we are doing really well smile
I was 19 when I had DD1.
I was 27 when I fell pregnant & so happy especially since I got told by drs that I wouldn't be able to have kids. I don't think theres a right or wrong time to have children its all about when u find the right person. My husband & I are excepting our second baby in 2 months & we can't wait. My dh has children to his first marriage he was 19 when his daughter was born
I was 31 when i had my first. I waited till i met hubby.
33 when i had my second. His birthday is about a week before mine:D

I was 31 when i had my daughter then 4 days later i was 32.

I honestly thought id have started by then. And now i want one more before im 35!! Told my partner
23 when i had Charli. Hubby was 29, he always wanted to have his first before he became dirty-thirty lol so we made it by a few months. I was 25 when i had dd2.
I was 23 when DS was born grin
28 with DS, 29 with DD, will be 32 for DD #2. Good ages for me, though I'm feeling it this time. Don't know if it's my age, pelvic instability or unfitness. I travelled extensively, partied a lot and am financially in a good position. However still feel like I'm 21 on the inside smile
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