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Newborn not sleeping- exhausted 1st time mummy Lock Rss

So this is my second day at home with my 5 day old newborn. He was born by emergency Caesarian after a 28 hour labour. The problem we seem to be having is sleeping! I know it's early days but I thought newborns were supposed to sleep a large number of hours a day. Well not this newborn. The first night i Breast fee him before bed. He went to sleep feeding so I picked him up resettled him and popped him in his bassinet. About 30 mins later her was awake I got him up took him to another room breast fed for an additional 40 mins he went off to sleep so I put him back in the bassinet and less than 5 mins later he was screaming again. This went on and on the same thing til 6am when I gave up went into the lounge and fed him and let him sleep on my lap for about 2 hours after a feed. So the next night I thought if I give him a big feed before bed he'll sleep longer. But tonight was even worse. He hasn't slept at all in his bassinet and it's 5 am and I'm out in the lounge again. I just put him in his swing with a dummy and he seems to have settled for at least 10 mins (longer than he lasted in the bassinet. I don't understand why when after I've fed him and he's exhausted and could sleep on my lap for hours will be not even give me an hours sleep. He is having no extended sleep time and I think I've only had 10 hours sleep since he was born 5 days ago! Even during the day he doesn't have long naps. My milk is only just coming in now. Do you think he will sleep longer once it's in? Or is the bassinet the problem? I missed my partner so much when I was in hospital and now I can't even sleep in the bed with him for 10 mins without having to get up. I'm so exhausted and still sore from the Caesar and am running out of ideas. He seems to have settled in the swing now with his dummy. Should I put him to sleep in that in the room. I don't understand why he's not tired. And I know they say sleep when baby sleeps buy when he does it's for such a short time it's no use. Please any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Its really hard when you have a wakeful newborn. My first was wakeful and my second was a sleepy baby. Not too much you can do. But hopefully as he grows, and his tummy grows bigger, he can hold more food and start sleeping in longer stretches.

Things that worked for us:

Wrapping really well. Making sure nothing is touching the face. And DD1 liked a dummy.

Warm his bassinet with a wheat bag and leave the wheat bag there as a warm solid reassurance for him.

Put a t - shirt you have slept in over the bottom sheet so he can smell your scent.

If he is falling a sleep on you wait at least 20 mins before putting him down, he will be really mellow and won't fuss if hes deep a sleep. Make sure you get as much wind out as you can too.

If possible when he wakes - wind him and see if he will resettle with lots of rocking, patting and quiet talking.

If possible express off some milk and let hubby deal with him for 2 -3 hours in the evening while you sleep.
I agree with all the advice re regular feeding, just one thing though. I think it was another huggies post I read before dd was born where someone gave this advice and it's so simple and if it hadn't happened to my dd I probably wouldn't have believed it to make much of a difference. Check the basinet mattress, is it very firm? I had a couple of nights like you described and then I remembered something I'd read here about mattress being too firm. I went to Clark rubber then next day and got a softer mattress for the bassinet and that night she slept, only waking 4hrly for feeds smile
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