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My 21st morning disaster birthday Lock Rss

today my 21st and my partner is drunk. yes at 5am, drunk tripping over things and swearing at me, the one day i just wanted to relax without the alchol and so fourth and just indulge in music and my family, instead he's drunk name calling and so on that im just pissed off, why cant he see that alchol just does not work with him, hes such a Wanker!

Juat cause u give some one a gift and bake a cheesecake doesnt mean it gives u a ticket to be a wanker and get drunk on SOME ONE ELSES birthday.!!

What a shitty day~!


What a shitty partner!!!!
Can you just steer him towards bed.... if you are lucky he will sleep the day away and give you peace to enjoy your day.
I hope your day gets better.
Just on another note drinking all night is not normal, your dp needs help to get himself together. I would be seriously considering if it was a healthy environment for myself and my child if I was in your situation.
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I'd take your baby and leave him to his hangover (hopefully a good one) go and spend some time with my family or friends if I were you. I'm guessing there was a party last night?

If have no time for people who are verbally abusive when drunk - the alcohol is no excuse. Let alone on your 21st birthday. I hope you have a happy day that is memorable for other reasons aside from your partner's behavior.
Do it to him on his birthday? I mean act like an insensitive twot not get pissed and come home at 5am, though waking him up at time might be worth it. smile

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Gypsycav! Haaaaaaaapyyyyy biiiiirrrrrrrtttthhhhdaaaaayyyy toooo YOOOOUUUUU!
Hope it gets better for you!

happy birthday hun! hope your day is getting better.grin

I would also be questioning why he's drinking on a week morning... That's just not on. Good luck... And hope your day improves. Happy birthday xx

Happy Birthday!!! I would be going out and making sure that I had a great day with my kids. I would just ingore my partner and let him sober up. Then I would be having a servious conversation that this sort of behaviour is just not acceptable. I would not be putting up with that sort of behaviour. As others have said why is he drunk on a work morning. If this is a regular occurance he needs help.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day that you can remember this milestone with happy memories.

Wishing you a happy birthday. I would try & get out of the house & do something nice. I think your partner has alot to answer for.

well he did end up passing out, its weird how a couple of small sips of home brew and one tally can do to a guy who was once an alcoholic, he didnt even drink much at all, so i put a ban on home brew LOL!

No it wasnt my party i acctually didnt have a party or go party, i waited for my partner to recover and sleep, went for an early bird run at 7am, he made me a healthy breaky and gave me my presents =) lolita perfume a teapot and teacup ( cause im an addict) and a mummy cup and a beanie for winter and hippy pants hehe.

we went out to the rsl and had a coffee and won on keeno then went home and had a wood fired pizza and watched chasing ufo's

HAHA! was great to spend it with my son and partner, i think my man just needs to understand that home brew can be more stronger than others and that for him, alchol is nothing but a poson substance that turns him into an angry fruitcake that i really disslike! xoxox
Thanks for all ur reply's on my vent lol


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