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This is a VERY personal post! Please don't give me your personal opinions on what's right and wrong as I'm sure we all have opinions to give .. I am seeking some of your OWN personal experiences and journeys to help me decide what path I want to take to reduce my anxiety levels!

Feel free to post it on here if you feel comfortable sharing or else happy for you to PM me

I have anxiety! It's been bad since I came out of an emotionally abusive relationship about 4 years ago. I have dealt with it but recently have contemplated medication as some days my heart rate is very high and for no particular reason.

I am 14 weeks pregnant so medicating really scares me for any adverse affects it might have on my baby. HOWEVER, I am worried my anxiety (NOT depression!!!) may be worse.

I would be keen to hear of your experiences for managing anxiety, whether any of you took medication and whether there were any issues with your babies development / birth etc.

My GP has prescribed Lexapro 10mg (ONLY)

Thank you in advance ladies...xx
my sister is 30 weeks pregnant and I an currently helping her through her anxiety that she has got as well.

I found a natural spray that goes on your tongue when you fell anxious and this really helps her a lot. we were told it was safe during pregnancy as well.

she won't take medications for this either as she can't due to other complications. what have you tried regarding this so far?

Hi Abbz81, I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. My last pregnancy i started suffering from anxiety around 26 weeks pregnant to the point where i didn't want to leave the house. I chose at the time not to be medicated because i was scared about my baby. It did ease off a little but looking back now i can see it was really the start of anti-natal depression (that can also exclusivly appear as anxiety in some ppl).

Anyway, long story short, i developed severe PND after the birth and was hosptalised for 2 months, leaving me now with what they said will prob be anxiety for life. I then found out i was pregnant again while on a range of strong medications for both depression and anxiety, the only medication i was told to stop was vallium. I have a special midwife overseeing the pregnancy at the hospital and see a psychiatrist fortnightly to moniter the medication but all is going fine at the moment.

My situation may not be quite the same as yours but i am doing so much better on medication and all the doctors are sure all the medication is very safe for my bub. It is a tough choice though but as my doctor puts it, my children need me to be well to take the best care of them. I haven't heard of that medication but the specific anxiety meds i am on is called Seroqual (It's actuall for bi polar but very efective for anxiety). Feel free to contact me if you have and questions or want to talk and hope i can help a little.

I haven't really done anything but try to talk myself out of it...breathe deeply when I feel anxious and ignore it but often it gets too much to ignore, which is why my midwife and GP said I should definitely go on the medication prescribed but that causes me anxiety because there's not much info online about side effects to the baby etc. It's a hard one!! I have a one year old as well, so with two I am certain my anxiety levels are going to sky rocket [second due in December]
I am seeing a phychiatrist & a physcologists atm for my anxiety & depression. I am finding the phychiatrist is really good at sorting out what meds you should be on. I hope things get better for you. Xx

I haven't started taking it yet!! I was told it was fine to conceive on and fine during pregnany, just wanted to see if there were ant women who had conceived and were currently taking Lexapro during pregnancy or HAD taken it to see how they found it. I have been seeing a counsellor but to be honest haven't found that very helpful...
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