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Looking at doing a full time course at home with my 10month old just wondering who else has done this and what sort of hours per week you needed to do
I think keeping up with some kind of professional trade is great when you have young children. If you are a professional woman, each year that goes by makes working again harder to get back into!

I studied nursing before becoming a mom and stepped away from it for some time when I had young ones. Nursing is one of those jobs that changes a bit every year and it is important to keep skills up given how dangerous doing the wrong thing can be. It was not easy to remember the basics much less remember how to study an NCLEX review books in order to get ready for exams and working as a nurse again.

If you aren't stuck on your current profession, it might also be good to use this as an opportunity to switch into something new that you can do part-time.
Sounds interesting buddy! but what if i want to prepare for MCAT? then where should i find the best Mcat Books
Hi Rose, here's some more information on at home mum study if you're interested:

It has heaps of information about why you should study, tips for studying parents and stay at home jobs and courses.
I personally support home study! I find it a very nice, relaxing, and calming way of studying!

Hey there! I'm Michelle, a professional academic editor at

I do not know how relevant the question is about MCAT, but I will leave a link to the list of useful literature Suddenly come in handy)
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