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Accepting not having another baby Lock Rss

I'm stuggling accepting not having anymore kids. I loved being pregnant and feeling those kicks and hick-ups. I loved the excitement when labor start, the first look of your newborn after labor is over. The calmness of having a newborn in the house.
My DH has said no more. We have two beautiful kids: DD 4 with special needs and DS 18months.
I'm greatful I have my two babies... But I keep hearing the term "you know when you're done."
I'm not and i can't shake it off. Anyone else feeling this too?
I would go with your heart.
I always thought I wanted loads of children, and after my second I knew we weren't finish, but now 17 weeks with my third and I know in my heart that this is the last one, even though I thought we would have 5 or 6 - being a mum is sooo much harder than I imagined!! smile
thankfully my husband isn't worried either way.
It must be really hard for you, can you talk to your husband some more about it and find out his reasoning behind wanting no more (if you don't know already). Perhaps even consider some couples counselling, or maybe just for yourself if it is a definite no from yr husband.

I want that feeling that my family is complete. I need to work up the courage to talk to my DH about it agin. Pretty sure it's a financial thing as we'd have to buy a new car to fit 3 car seats in. But once we've brought the car I don't see a problem.
Check out infa secures range of car seats their kompressor and Quattro treo range are the slimmest car seats and you should fit three across a back seat they call them the three across boss may not ever get that feeling of completeness....I have four kids 7,4,16 mo and 4 mo....we are addicted to babies....if it wasn't for my tubes being tied due to medical reasons I don't know if I'd ever stop lol
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