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Hello everyone! How are you all holding up? I just wanted to share this good news with everyone! Well, I just got a call from my colleague. She has had her successful IVF at the same clinic in Ukraine, from where I am listed. She is successfully pregnant in her first round. So, now I'm pretty excited for my turn. It really gave me these goosebumps! I'm so motivated now! I really needed this so badly! Anyway! Let's hope it also goes same for me. I really want to have a child by the start of next years. Wish me luck and prayers. xx
hey, we all are fine and hope that you are fine too. Congratulations dear for this inspiration. How lucky she is. She made a decision and have success. So why you got an appointment form Ukraine.? Means are you suffering infertility issues.? It’s every woman desire to have her own kid. After marriage, it becomes her need. Because a woman looks more adorable and beautiful with a kid or same face that depicts her nature. I also need best wishes. Most important I need your prayers because it’s too much I waited. Now I really want a kid. Somebody with which I can share my views. Who will be the partner of my loneliness? My best wishes are with you. may you have a kid soon. And finally, your waiting hours become less and less.
Wishing you luck!!
Best of luck!
Hey, Sarah, I hope you're doing well. Good to see you all excited. I hope things go well for you. I am visiting the same clinic for my surrogacy process. They are really doing a great job. the doctors make sure things go perfectly fine. They know what they are doing due to the experience. I am sure they will be as accurate and vigilant in your case as they were with your friend's and mine.
God blesses you! Good luck!
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