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Any success stories? Lock Rss

Hi everyone! How are you all doing here? Just logged in to say Hi. So, what's going on? As you all know I'm opting for an IVF this year(Already shared mine story here). So, yeah! Just need to hear any success stories? So, I can fuel up myself with some motivation here. Stay blessed you all. So, anyone up? I'd love to talk and reply...Already online until tonight. Hmu! xx Sending you all love....xx
Hey, Sara, I hope you're doing good. Although I'm going for a different treatment, however, the clinic I am visiting for it has many IVF patients. I once was talking about IVF with one of the patients. She was telling me how important it is to visit the right clinic. She was telling me that her first IVF failed because of her not visiting the right clinic. She was telling me how when her eggs got retrieved the doctors were not at all experienced. As that caused scars on her ovaries. However, her experience with this clinic went really good because the doctors here are experienced and they know what they are doing. She was telling me how everything here is done with accuracy and I agree with her on that because even for surrogacy everything is being done precisely. They make sure that there occurs no error. This preciseness is what makes them so much different from other clinics. I hope the very best of luck to you. Don't worry things will go great. Just be prepared and know that things will go fine. Sending baby dust your way.
Hey, there honey. I haven't followed your story. Though I can help with the motivation. The procedure is a bit tough. You have to be patient. Stay positive. Other than that it is a great experience. I have twins from a year old IVF.I hope the same for you.
Hey there! How are you? I do have a success story. But its about surrogacy. Hope that'll work too. So we tried for a year only to find that I was infertile. I was devastated. But my life partner was there for me. As always. He supported me. He was always trying so hard to not make it look like a big deal. But it was a big deal. I am a woman. I should be able to conceive a child. That is the truth I was told. And my truth was shattering. My husband suggested fertility help. He said he was on board with whatever makes me happy. I was feeling selfish but I couldn't help it. So after many many treatments and all, surrogacy was the thing that finally worked for us. I am as happy as a rainbow in fairy land.
Hey SarahWilly! It is always so good to see your post. I am happy that you are excited about the IVF. I am hoping that this will be it for you.
I don't have my IVF story to share. As I opted surrogacy. But a close friend of mine went through the IVF. I still remember how happy she was when everything worked out for her. She called me and told me that today she had her implant. And she needs wishes and she is so much excited but worried too. Those mixed feeling of her, I can never forget. smile
And then, everything fell into place. She conceived her first child. It was a beautiful journey for her.
I hope it goes well for you too. Will be waiting to hear more from you. Don't forget to share your story with us. Wishing you luck and success in future.
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