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keeping them away from danger Lock Rss

hi anyone

we are living in a small house at the moment and unfortunately we have to have the computer,tv,dvd etc plus all involved cords and cables.

i find i am spending half my day keeping my 11.5 month son away from them he thinks it's a great game to play and CHEW on the cords.

i find saying "no" at the moment is falling on deaf ears. i pull him away and he heads straight back!!

if anyone has any advice as i am getting frustrated when i would like to be having fun with him

lisa, sam 11.5 months

Hi. I know how you feel. I think the best way to keep him away is to re-direct. Find something that you can interest him with. If you offer a substitute for this wonderful attraction, he should forget about it for a little while, allowing you to preserve at least some of your sanity!! Good luck with it!

3 boys, 2 girls

Hi Lisa,

I wonder why the little monkeys love cords so much?

I read somewhere (it might even have been somewhere on this site!) that an easy way to keep the cords out of sight and out of mind is to put some of those plastic adhesive-backed hooks on the back of the computer desk or behind the tv cabinet, and run the cords along the hooks, to keep them off the ground and out of sight. Maybe that might work?

It is so frustrating always taking the little darlings away from the things they're so attracted to huh? Good luck! grin

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