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Hi all,

Just wondering if many of you have older childen. If so how did they cope when you bought home bubs.

My oldest son Tyson will be 5 next month and we have a newborn (3 weeks) and i feel like i am constantly telling him not to do something and then i feel like i am not giving him the attention he is so use to!

I know it must be hard for him but he seems to adore his new brother. Kisses and cuddles hold him and even whants to bath with him! But when it comes to normal everyday stuff even just answering me when i speak to him, seemd to have gone out the window!

I dont knwo what to do with him sometimes! i just want to scream and get him to do what i have asked him to do. Or listen to what i have said!

I seems like i have lost my little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beck mum of :Tyson 23/06/01 Flynn 01/05/06

Hi Beck. My daughter was 4 when we had another baby (we have five children) and I found that she went completely off the rails a few weeks before he was born, (I think they can sense baby is coming soon, even though they dont really have much of a concept of time) And she was a nightmare for the next few months. Although she loved her new baby brother to pieces, she had been the youngest (our baby so to speak), for the past four years, and here was this intruder, making her share her mum and Dad.
We found that including her in as much as we could with our new baby, seemed to help a lot. We bought her a "baby" doll which she would change when we changed our bubs nappy, she would help us bath and dry and dress our new son, help with bottles, etc..
We realized that she wanted our attention focused on her, so we tried to include her as much as possible (though its hard with a new baby), but even little things like getting your son to bring you a nappy or the wipes when you are changing your baby will make him feel "important".
Hope this helps, and good luck!!

3 boys, 2 girls

I don't know from experience, but I read a great idea in a magazine that I'm planning to use when we have another one ... throw a "big brother" party, to celebrate Tyson becoming a big brother and having an important new role in life. It must be hard when the new baby naturally gets so much attention, and I think it's a great idea to make a fuss of the older sibling, invite his grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends (a little present could be optional), have some yummy food, wear party hats, and congratulate Tyson on becoming a big brother, and talk about all the fun things he'll be able to do with the baby in the years to come. Is that something that would suit your little boy's personality? You could get him involved in the planning for the party, writing invitations etc - I think it's a great idea, but I don't have older kids ... hope I've helped, good luck and congrats on the new bubba! smile

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