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Hi all. Im wondering if anyone has some good ideas for work that mums can do at home, or at night.
With the cost of everything at the moment, and with having five children, my husbands income is no longer enough. But I still have two kids at home, (7 months & almost two).
Putting them in daycare everyday is not going to work as it would cost more than I could earn and I dont think I could part with them for that long.
My neighbour suggested running a family day care from home, but Im not sure I could handle it, having so many kids of my own.
Any ideas??

3 boys, 2 girls


Gosh you must be busy with 5 kids! I know a couple of people who have managed to make a reasonable bit of money selling Avon, and that's really flexible. And there are also some companies that you can arrange to do tele-marketing or phone surveys from home (but you'd probably make more from the Avon idea).

If you're happy working in the evenings maybe a couple of nights a week waitressing, or cleaning? It's not easy, I have a friend in a similar position, I hope you find something that suits you and your family. Good luck! smile

This new forum is strange ...

I did family day care for 4 1/2 years and loved every minute of it!! I only decided to change back to my old job (just as i found out i was pregnant with #2) cause i wanted to qualify for my long service which was coming up!!

Ring your local council and find out all the details. If you get a few good families then the money it brings in is great!! Dont forget, along with being able to stay at home with your own babies, you can help someone else by caring for theirs in a relatively small environment (something that some children really thrive on as opposed to the large childcare environments) - NOT that i oppose to childcare centres (before someone jumps up and down!! - i have worked in centres too!!)

Also, just about everything is tax deductable - and the government are contributing $1500 to help new carers set up their house (something that wasnt available when i started!!)

Let me know how you go!!

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

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