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PAPSMEAR RESULTS anyone had CIN 2 before???? Lock Rss

Hi there ladies I went and had a pap smear done about a month ago and my results came back that I had grade 2 (CIN2) high abnormal cells. I was reffered 2 a Gyno where he performed a cervical biopsy (known as a coloscopy) on me. He said it was pretty obvious I had abnormal cells and that they could have been there for quite some time. I am going to have to have some day surgery to remove the tissue before it becomes cervical cancer (they call it high grade pre-cancerous cells). He said it is at least a CIN 2 possibly a 3. I was wondering has anyone else been through this or family members or friends and could you tell me about the proceedure you had done and how it went. I am really worried and scared and am not sure what option to take. He said I could have it done in his rooms just with a local and it would take about 30-45mins (this really erks me)or I could opt for in hosp under a general. I am also in the gap so I am assuming it is going to cost me a fortune.

Mumma of 3.

Hi Quin1901

I had CIN II around 13 years ago and had to go in for laser treatment and a biopsy.

I dont think my abnormal cells were there for very long (maybe a year).

When I found out I was really scared, but try not to panic too much.

I dont know if the procedure itself has changed since i had it done so long ago, but it was done as you said in his room with a local.

It doesnt hurt, (well the local stings a little) but the actual laser treatment doesnt. You hear the machine clicking and can smell a slight burning smell (sorry if that freaks you out.....) and afterwards you sit in a room for a little while to make sure you are ok.

When the local wears off, there is slight cramping and you bleed a little bit.

I went out for lunch and shopping afterwards!!

I couldnt claim on my health fund back then as the fund didnt 'accept' day procedures as the norm, but things may have changed, but from memory I dont think it cost me a fortune (but I suppose that was in the 'good old days!! hee hee).

Also I then had to go back for checkups (just like a pap smear) and they put iodine inside to check for the cells again, after around 3 months.
I still showed atypical cells, but they were mild and didnt require further treatment.
My checkups became every 6 months and they kept an eye on things.

They thought they would have to treat again in 1996, however it turned out they didnt have to.

FINALLY in 1999 I got the all clear!!
It was such a long drawn out process and I would stress all the time, but it all worked out fine.

I have to go to my gp and have yearly paps now, however I think its a small thing to do considering what I had been through.

I have heard its quite common (at the time I thought I was the only one as no-one talked about it), and have since found out 2 of my friends also had cin.

I know every case is different but I hope this helps you out abit.


Hi Quin1901, I had CIN3 3 years ago.
My mother is a nurse and the gynie I used is a work colleuge of I got great treatment.
The wire loop method is the better way of removal, laser burns too much of the surrounding tissue, so when you go back for the followup biopsy it can be hard to determine if all the cells were removed.
I had the procedure done in a day surgery and it was under a twighlight anaesthetic. I went home a couple of hours after the surgery.
I found the worst part was the discharge that followed for a week...sorry guys...but it smelt.
I actually used a product called acijel to help return the vagina back to healthy status. Mind you the Dr did not tell me about this product. A friend of mine told me she had the same problem and she was reccommended this to use. It is expensive around $30.00 but was worth it.
Don't stress too much about all of this. Cervical cancer takes approx 7 years to develop and as long as we keep having regular pap smears we are able to act if there is a problem..such as in yours and all of the other girls who have responded.


dear quin1901,
hi im tracy i was 19yrs when i had cin 1 2 3 and it did come back i got 3 again 2 again my gyno is fantastic i was a mess having to tell my new boyfriend why i was going to the hospital a lot he was great so i married him were having our 1st bubs in sept can't wait,and my gyno is a obie as well so she will b delivering him i get so peeved when women put off having a pap smear saying ohh it hurts try every 3 then six months now that is crap i can never have a 2yr smear ever again i was told so now it is every year, i havn't had it for 3yrs now thank god? but there is aways the fear of coming back girls if u read this get a pap smear every 2 yrs dont forget dont put it off and say well it can wait cause to b blunt it bloody can't, how would u feel if u had the chance to get checked but ignored it and found out u had cerivical cancer and had to have all removed forget babys forget your dignety every women has a choice don't blow that choice on your ignoance
tracy(mumzie) 26yrs


Hi there,

I have not actually had CIN but I have had several abnormal pap smear results and three admissions to hospital to get abnormal cells etc removed. I have had a huge number of colpolscopy's that I couldn't even tell you how many I have had. I regularly have to visit my gyno for chek-up and all of this is quite invasive and you reallly do get over having to do it.

But, the thing that makes me do it the most, is my kids. I was told by doctors when I was just 18 that It was very unlikey that i would ever be able to conceive a child. At 25 my daughter was born and at 27 my son was born. Both conceived completely naturally.

I feel very lucky to have even been able to have these precious children that if it means I have to go to the doctors regularly for the rest of my life, then that is what I have to do.

Honestly, the procedure and everything you have to go through is scary but for the sake of your own health and for the sake of everyone around you, you really do have to do it and sooner is always better than later.

The only other thing I have to say is that if you can, it is so much easier to deal with if you have someone close to you with you and also someone that can help out at home afterwards because like any procedure you need time to recover.

I know what you are going through and I really hope it works out well for you.
Good luck!!!

Vic, 18mth boy, 4yr old girl

hi there,

when i was pregnant with my 1st child i had my all the regular checks papsmear included and it come back cin2 this is really early on in my pregnancy. so i was sent to a gino and did a coloscopy and they said all the same things they told u but i had to waite unitil my child was born, so it was about prob 9mths until they could operaite by the time they operaited the bad cells had gone the results from the operation all was clear, but better to be safe than sorry. i had a general and i had all done in a public hospital and didnt cost me a sent



I had CIN 3 a few years back and had them lasered under a general in day surgery. It was fine - no pain, just some messy bleeding afterwards and unfortunately I developed an infection. But again there was no pain and it cleared up with some antibiotics.

I then had to go and have a smear every six months for the next two years to ensure they didn't come back, whih to this day and two children later, they have not come back. I still have to have a smear every 12 months - but I have had no problems since. Good luck - I am sure you will be fine!

3yo girl & 3mth old boy


this hasnt happend to me but it has to my older and younger sisters,

they both have pcos and c1, my younger sister is 15 and has it the worst if it gets any more wrose they will have to operate, they both have sisths on there ovries,and sis(younger) her ovries are 3 times bigger then they are sposst to be

claires going to be a big sister in oct

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