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I'm 31 yrs old and i have 2 girls, 14mths and 2mths, i've just joined parents exchange. I chose to be a single mother i got pregnant by Artificial insemination, i wanted children but didn't want to marry or have a partner. I know some people may not agree with what i have done, but for me not having children would be the only regret i'd have in life. My family and friends are very happy for me and know that my 2 girls are not going to miss out on anything in life just because they don't have a Father. I work to support my kids so that they will never go without anything in life. Hopefully not too many people will look down on me.


wow! i have never known anyone in your position, but i want to commend you. Firstly for being strong enough to do things 'your way' which others may perceive as unconventional, and secondly for being proud of the choices you have made!! Well done!

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Hi Janene,

Welcome to the forum. My experience with pregnancy, children etc is no matter what you do you will always experience some sort of negative comment from some 'well meaning' person. DH and I have used IVF and had people tell us that we shouldn't have because it was god's way of telling us we were not meant to have children!

My Mum (who turns 55 this year) has a best friend who in her 20s decided to have her baby the same way you did. She always knew she didn't want to marry or have a partner. Can you imagine what people said to her 25 years ago! Well I can assure everyone that she has a very close relationship with her daughter and her daughter is smart, level headed and beautiful.

I wish you all the best.


wow i think that is really wonderful

i think its sad that some woman feel that to have a child they MUST have a partner

congratulations to you on having to wonderful daughters!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hey Janene,

Welcome to H*ggies!!

I am sure your daughters have the best mum that they could ask for and as for people that choose to tell you that youve done the wrong thing.....not really valuable opinions!!!

You go girl!!

I am a single Mum and although I am only 26, and I could possibly find the man of my dreams someday, I have thought to myself on many occasions that if I havent met someone by the time I am 30, than I would like to do what you have done!
My son doesnt suffer in any way with me on my own and he has everything he could ever possibly want or need!
I desperately want another baby and i know I will not care what people think if and when I choose to go that way!
Good on you!

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Hi there,
I think you deserve a medal!!!!
If you give your girls love and they are happy then that is what any mother could want for their child regardless of their marital status.
When i was in hospital following the birth of my son, I was looked down upon because I wasn't married, now over 12 months on, my son is still a healthy, happy little fella, and now when I see them people, I make a point of speaking to them and seeing how their (usually screaming) kids are doing.
In my opinion, I don't think that it matters if you are married, single, raising your kids on your own or have the stereotypical family, as long as you can go to sleep every night knowing that you have done the best you possibly can for your kids and yourself, don't worry what anyone else says.
At the end of the day, if some people have nothing better to do than to find faults with your life, to make their own look better, then they aren't the type of people worth knowing!!
I'm sure your girls are wonderful, and that can only be attributed to everything you have done for them.
You should be proud.

Jo and Hay

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