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any new mums about 18-21 Lock Rss

hey there is there any mum about 18-21 to chat and share the thoughts on how theylook after there baby and how it feels to be a mum for the first time
hi my name is sal

im in that age bracket and also a first time mum.

love to hear from u.


im lois 19 i live in reynella i have a nearly seven month old bub

S2-Lois -Adel-DS - 01/03/06-S2

hi i'm 21 & just had my first bubs named Tyson his now 9 weeks old. If you or anyone else would like to chat my email/msn is
I'm a 20yr old mum of 2. I had my first when i was 17. I love being a mum even though you have your stressful and hard days its all worth while!
I'd love to chat sometime to see how your doing etc.. my adress is smile

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Heya... my life sounds more dejavu of the reply above mine lol I am 21 (just turned) and have a 3 and a half yr old and 4mnth old baby both are boys! Bailey and Alexander smile
If ya wanna chat add me to msn tongue

Kayla, NZ, 3.5yr old & 4 mnth old BOYS!

hi im sarah i have two girls anita whos 3 yrs old and alesha i love being a young mum and want another one hopfully a boy being a mum changed alot of things in my life my friends career and just life but woundnt change a thing now my body bounce back the way it use to be just bigger hips and a lot softer now

Mckenzies monkeys

hi there i am 19 have a 20 month old n a 6 week old!!

my email is

I have 3 boys!!!

My name's Ellie with 6 month old Phoebe. We live in the Marion area and are trying to get out and about as much as we can..
Would love to meet and get to know other mummies
Young mum to Madison,
what is your msn. Would love to chat to you
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