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Anyone fallen pregnant whilst breast feeding?? Lock Rss

i'm just wondering what the chances are of falling pregnant whilst breast feeding

I have a 2 month old baby and me and my partner have unprotected $ex and i'm keen to know if its happened to you?




No this hasn't happened to me but did happen to a friend she now has 11 months between her children.


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yep i fell pregnant with my second whilst still breastfeeding my first

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I have so many friends that this happened to that I can't count them! Definitely a myth that you can't get pregnant while breast feeding.
YES!! You definitely can. My 2nd DD was conceived while I was breastfeeding (although we were trying) and now pregnant with my 3rd who was conceived while feeding my then 5 month old, AND on the mini pill!!
It is very highly unlikely to get pregnant whilst breastfeeding IF you are exclusively breastfeeding ie. no formula, no bottles, no dummies, no solids = ONLY breastfeeding

If you give bubs a dummy, any other liquid besides breastmilk (water, juice, formula) then yes, you can fall pregnant. The likeliness of falling pregnant whilst EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding is extremely small.

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Yep it happened to me!

I fell pregnant when DD1 was 7.5 months old. We were being careful as I got my period back when DD1 was only 6 weeks old but we were not careful enough! We weren't going to wait much longer for No 2 anyhow.


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I was EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding & on mini pill when I fell pregnant with my little girl. No dummy, solids, more than 6 long feeds a day but I had a cold when I concieved nothing serious just a sniffle. So don't know if this caused a hicup with the pill.
Breastfeeding does not stop the egg from being released in some women, and when you find out that it doesn't for you it is a shock lol

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Yes, I'm one of them. My youngest 2 are about 10months apart. I was breastfeeding and on mini pill when I fell preg with #4(my DD)

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I fell pregnant with my third child when i was feeding my second. I never felt breastfeeding alone would prevent me from getting pregnant but i guess it did for nearly two years!

Yes I'm another who fell pregnant whilst breast feeding (also on the mini pill). My girls are 12 months and 3 weeks apart. At first it was a shock, but I wouldn't change it for the world, they're going to grow up to be so close.

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