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Hi Ladies

I finally got around to getting the dreaded pap smear done last week. Today I received a letter notifying me that my results have come back with a abnormal reading. It says that it is a low reading meaning it could be the start of something. I have to go back in 12 mths and have another to see if things have progressed or gotten better.

Just wanting to know if anyone else has had this and whether they were fine after 12 mths.

My mum thinks that I should request another one or even just sooner than 12mths.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

It is so normal for it to come back abnormal, dont worry! If it is worrying you, get it done again for your own peace of mind. I have had abnormal and then normal the next time
One of my doctors told me that the actaul process of preforming the test can make you have an abnormal reading! So more often than not, women get an abnormal reading just from the test procedure. Just go back in 12 months and don't stress about it! smile]

My last one was abnormal and had to have a repeat in 6 months, all turned out fine!
I wasn't stressing out as I thought that if there was anything to panic about they would have me do something about it.

I think it is a bit of karma for putting them off all the time.

I am getting a IUD inserted in a few weeks so will ask them what the result actually said. I am sure that I will be fine. Nice to know that it is very common.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon


My first smear came back abnormal with high-level abnormal cells. I was so freaked out and after some tests it was found to be "high-grade cervical pre-cancer" (sounds worse than it actually is). I fell pregnant before the test results came back so they just kept an eye on me during the pregnancy, and when Kaitlin was 4 months old I had the cells removed in the Day Surgery. Now I have to have a smear every year for 5 years and then every 2 years after that if it's all good.

I'm not telling you this to freak you out, just to let you know that the worst-case scenario isn't all that bad - I survived!

The reason why we have the smear is to catch abnormal cells before they develop into cancer. Good on you for getting it done!!!!


Like the other girls have said, sometimes it comes back abnormal. I would ask for another test and I have.

I had CIN3, and have since had an op to remove the cysts.

POOK mum of three

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They are more uncomfy then anything else, the worst bit for me is when they snap the device shut inside you and it makes a loud noise! Nothing else though! When you go, ask for the smallest plastic one, just makes the whole experience a little less uncomfy!

Let us know how you go with the IUD, I am thinking seriously of getting one.
I have had an abnormal one and I was asked to go back in 6 months then I had to go 12 months for the next 2-3 years.....

I would go back and have another in 6 months if possible as it will set your mind at ease....

DOn't stress too much as mine turned out to be nothing!


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

I had abnormal smears a few years back. In 80% cases the cells fix themselves within 6-12 months...of course I wasn't part of that 80%.

Abnormal cells are call CIN....CIN 1 is the lowest reading....CIN 5 being the worst. I had CIN 1 for 2 years! I had pap smears and a biopsy done every 6 months, until after 2 years I decided to have the cells removed. It's now been about 3 years and I haven't had anymore abnormal cells.
My friend also had CIN 1, and she decided to have the surgery straight away, instead of going through the 6 monthly checks. Her first papsmear after the surgery came back abnormal...she then went for another biopsy and it came back normal!

I'm sure the tests are sent to the hospital & that's probably where your letter came from. ?? You could go and get another opinion, but if the tests are sent to the same hospital, you will probably get the same result (go back in 12 mths).

It's actually quite common for women to get abnormal smear long as you go back in 12 months, I'm sure you will be fine......

well when i had my first ever pap smear, (6mnths after my son who is now 21mnths old was born...) i thought just go and get it done, im young, nothing could be wrong with me! so i went and got it done and it came back abnormal and my Dr. told me alot of womens pap smear comes bak abnormal, might be nothing to worry about... so i went and had a biopsy to get it sent away and i went bak an they told me i had HPV, i had to go in for day surgery which i had it lasered off, they then sent a sample away and it was the type just before it turns into cervical cancer, im 21yrs old on the 24th May and have only slept with one guy... i thought, how could this happen? u dont need to have intercourse to get this virus, its deadly aswell... so i was meant to go bak for a checkup in January but ive been way too scared to go bak, i know i should but wat if its bak? sad i know i should go though... im just scared... but hopefully in ur case there wont be anything to worry about and just know everyone should get a pap test, coz my gyno told me if i waited even a month more to get the test done, it could of turned into cancer!! sad goodluck!

Above is just a couple of sites about the virus i had, make sure u get a pap smear done, please!! sad it is deadly and has killed women just coz they didnt wanna have a pap smear done...
Yep I had an abnormal pap smear and had a huge stress when i got the results, I cried and made my hubby come home from work!

I had type 2 changes so I had to have a loop diatherm which meant day surgery and going under general anaesthetic. I wasn't allowed to sleep with hubby for 6 wks and I was bit tender! But other than that it really wasn't that bad.

It doesn't affect your ability to have kids and a long as it is detected its all good!

I now encourage all my friends to have regular pap smears and I will always have them done regularly now.

Tahlia 9wks

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