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postpartum thyroiditis mums? Lock Rss

just wondering if there are others out there struggling with thyroid issues?
i was diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis when DS was three months old, although i was feeling 'off' for a very long time before, even through the pregnancy.
i am now on medication for my thyroid being too underactive. it started off very overactive when DS was born, i lost twenty kilo in twelve weeks and had a real hard time with the other symptoms, (heat intolerence, heart palpitations, panic attacks etc) now it has swung the other way (hence the meds) and i am struggling more than ever before. i am gaining weight quickly and cant stay awake too long at a time, dry skin, slowing of the brain etc etc.
SO, i was hoping to talk to others who have or know someone living with thyroid issues as i think it would be a good support thread!!
thanks for reading, look forward to any responses!!!

Hi mummy2 1
I also suffered with postpartum thyroiditis after giving birth to my first child. Unlike you though I did not have to go on any medication as long as I had monthly blood tests to keep it in check. After 9 months it did go away and I have never experienced it again. I have had three other children after my first so there is hope for you. My advice is to keep having blood tests because you can "out grow" postpartum thyroiditis. It is my understanding however, that you can not "out grow" thyroiditis if it is not related to pregnancy. My mum suffers from an underactive thyroid so I knew that this ran in the family. My mum has been on regular medication for over 30 years and she has a very normal life - as long as she is taking the correst dose. So make sure you are on the correct dose as you should not have any side effects. I hope this helped??

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hi, i have an underactive thryoid, but had found out before i had kids at the age of 21, my mum has it my nan had her goiter out, and they say my great grandma had trouble as well. I am on 50mcg of thyroxine daily but during pegnancy it seems to be out of whack. It is so low now that i have tripled my dose but the endocronologist thnks i will be on 200mcg before the next month. Oh the tiredness weight gain, cold hands and feet, all lovely hey?? usually it doesn't mean anything more than my 1 tablet daily but but during this pregnancy especially i am feeling it all even more, although i do have 5 other kids to look after, that could be keeping me make sure you do as the PP has suggested and kee up with your blood tests, as it can be dangerous if not treated and treated correctly..
thanks for replying.... i was worried i was the only one out there as i thought no-one was going to reply LOL
yes i am on med, 100mcg of thyroxine, and have blood test every month also. i have been on the tablets only about three weeks i think (memory has gone to cactus!) and the last day or so i have been feeling not so tired. dont get me wrong i still feel quite haggard but i feel i am SLOWLY getting there!!!
it is such a horrid horrid HORRID thing to deal with, i have found that some of my DH's family act like i am just a complainer and am putting it on, but bugger it, they will get over their attitude as i have a longtime ago LOL
the worst things i find is the slow brain power, dry skin and of course the fatigue, and with bubs it is hard to get stuff done, even if you are not sick.
alwaysawake you are my hero as i cant believe you live with this as well as five beautiful kids!!!
just wondering if you stayed on medication whilst you were pregnant? i have been advised to wait till we have it under control which is fine by me but we dont want to wait to long and it worries me if i cant stay on med's!!!
thanks so much for replying!!!

Hi well, i dont have postpartum thyroiditis but i have congenital hypothyroidism, so in short, i was born without a thyroid gland, it was picked up when i was 3 wks old, and i have been on meds ever since, i have 200mcg daily of throxine, it went up whilst i was pregnant and the first 6 months of breast feeding but im back to my usual. When i have too much i feel jittery, light headed, cant sleep and lose weight, when not enough i gain weight, talk slower, tired all the time, dry hair and dry skin. I was the first in my family with probs, a yr later a cousin had the same prob, so yeah...... any questions im happy to answer but i dont know specifics on postpartum thyroiditis just on thyroid prbs in general! smile
oh by the way, u can stay on meds, other wise i would h ave been a massive slow dry blob through pregnancy lol, but best to have every thing under control, but you may need to increase ur dosage whilst pregnant.
yep, thats what i do , stay on the meds, but this time i have tripled my doese to 150mcg and after more bloods will no doubt be on 200mcg this pregnancy, oh yes it is taking it out of me this time, i haven't been on this hifgh a dose in pregnancy before, lucky this our last baby...
i was up to 300 when i had bubs, but i am normally on a dose thast alternates each day, one day 150 next day 200, cause they can never get me to be on the right dose lol.

It does wear you out, but i have to say, i am definately used to it by now..... 21 years of meds and having to deal with it!!
After my son was born I was at the doctors because I thought I was gaining crazy...he said my weight loss and concerntration probs were due to breast feeding...months later I was back with a hugh lump in my throat. I was put on oroxine immediately and sent for ultrasounds...I now have hypothroidism, the autoimmune condition. My levels were so up and down and I could never get the right dose. My family thought I was just lazy and didn't understand the problems I was having...I couldn't take the controceptive pill because it would throw my levels again...
7 years on and I'm pregnant again, and yes I had to increase my dose. Having a low thyroid function in pregnancy can lead to nerve problems in the baby and heart problems for you. So never leave it to chance...
I seem to function better when my levels are in the higher end of the normal range, but my OB wont listen or change my the moment it is in the lower range of normal and I don't feel real crash hot. I am so tired and weak. Has anyone else had this?
Should I alter my own dose without the docs permission even though I'm pregnant??? I'm 25 weeks along.
probaby not best to change it ur self, i went to a seperate gp for my thyroid things to the dr i was whilst pregnant, best if in doubt to get a 2nd opinion.
i know you shouldn't alter the dose yourself, but i do, if i am feeling crappy some days, i take an extra 50mcg for a couple of ays until i feel ok again, i have even upped the dose today to the 200mcg, even though i havent had bloods yet to let me know. I have been on the meds for about 14 years now and just take an extra one if i feel i need it, but i don't think you are supposed to ( i am 27 weeks pregnant)...
I don't think having an extra pill here and there is a good idea, as doesn't it take approx 3 weeks to effect you anyway.
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