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Hello Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else received the same advice from the doctor after their 6 week checkup or any other strange advice that your friends think is strange.

I did have a complicated birth which resulted in an emergency c-section to delivery our little girl. During the operation everything went well and my recover seemed to text book style. However when I went to my 6 week checkout my doctor said everything was healing well. I then mention when we could start trying again for bubs #2. Firstly, he told me that since you had a c-section the first time you will need to have another c-section for any further children we carry. The comment that confused both my husband and I was if I fall pregnant again within 12months the doctor would make me have an abortion as it takes a good 12-18 months for all the layers to heal properly.

I have a friend who gave birth 3 weeks later and her doctor told her she could try for another kid after 3 months (she too had a c-section) and whenever they felt ready.

We are very confused and not sure what we should do. After 6 years of trying to have our daughter, use of fertility drugs and then one day it just happening we are scared to wait in case our 1 chance will past by during the 12 month period. We feel ready to try for another baby, but I couldn't handle having to have an abortion.

Any ideas of what is an okay time to try again.

Thanks in advance for your help ladies.


Wow - thats crazy. I had a fanatstic doc, who is the best in our town / city. I have now had two c sections ( 3 yrs & 11 mon boys) I had to have a c section with number one due to placenta previa ( too late at night to check spelling ) He told me i may be able to have a natural for next child. However I had a big baby 4.2 kg. Number 2 pregnancy placenta was fine but baby was lookign like another big one. As the weeks progressed he flagged that i may need to have another due to the size. With a big baby there could be issues with natural & due to first caeser there was scare tissue therefore this could lead to problems like heamorage ( another unsure on spelling ) Baby was biggish 4 kg , had a c section & at 6 week check up he said that if we go back for number three i could still try natural - not having 3 however. So from my understanding if all is looking fine, depending on the reason for the original c section u should be fine. However saying that I do know girls who must have c section - it all depends on the reason. As for an abortion, wow that heavy - my doc never ever said anything like that so all i can conclude is that it must have to do with the reason that led to the c section. Maybe u need to get another docs opinion but until then enjoy your baby, the days go too fast & your time with number one baby is so precious. Two kids are an amazing blessing, but harder & time with the baby is limited. Enjoy your blessing

i had a c-section with my son and it was reccommended that i wait 2 yrs between kids to give enough time to heal properly.
But i know people who have like you wonted to started trying with the first 12 months after the c/s. and they had no problems.

I'm due with #2 next month and i've been told by doc's that they wont me to try a VBAC, because my first was an emergency one my sons head was too big. So i cant see why your doctor would say that you had to have a c/s next time or that if you fall pregnant now that he'd make you have an abortion.

Rememer it's your body and the doctor cant make you have an abortion. Who does he think he is?

If possible change doctors and see what they say about it . get a complete check up, but if you think your ready i say go for it. You doctor has no right to tell you that he'd make you have an abortion.

Good luck

your doctor is a nut case!!!

It is not his job to give his opinion on what you should or shouldnt do.

Ultimately it is up to you when you try to have another baby.
Obviously, he probably has some worthwhile points about taking the time to heal and everything but LOTS of people have a c-section and go onto to have or at least attempt a VBAC.
There is no reason why you can not aim to have one, with an open mind that you may need to have a c-sect again.
And as for abortion? Thats just crazy....i would be finding another doctor for the next time
YEP,your doctor is a nut case!!!

There is no reason why you shouldnt be able to try for a VBAC.
Having said that you could even have a C sec again. I had my 2nd C section with DS 2 ( stillborn) and 1 year&1 week later I had another C section to have DS 3.
Perhaps you need to find another GP to moniter you through further pregnancies
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two words if your not happy

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for your replies and for understanding.

Overall I wasn't happy with my doctor so next time I was planning to see a different doctor. That was my view of him prior to my 6 week checkup. Also my opinion of private hospitals isn't so great and I plan to go to a public - probably Womens & Children's (in Adelaide).

A couple of you ladies have mentioned a second opinion. Is this something I can do prior to being pregnant and if so who would I need to see? Also, when I'm pregnant again will my old doctor give a copy of my records to my new doctor - just in case I've misunderstand some facts/history?

I don't believe there was a medical reason why I must have a c-section again, even though my labour was a bit complicated the bottom line was that my daughters heart rate started to drop and they wanted to get her out now.

Again thanks for your advice and help.


hi kaz

i have changed doctors 4 times in this pregnancy alone (due to moving interstate and also not being happy with the antenatal care that was being provided)

All you have to do is give your new doctor the contact details of your old one and they track it all down for you.
However if you have records with you already it makes it easy for them.

as for a second opinion, just ask your local hospital or womens health centre etc if they can recommend someone. or if they cant "recommend" ask for a list of doctors and just ring around doing your own research. You need to be comfortable with the person who cares for you and your unborn baby.

Take your time to do some research and you will be thankful for it later.

Good luck smile
HEllo,can i just start by saying your OB sounds like a very scary person, i fell pregnant 11mths after my first c-s and although we were told to wait at least 12mths to start trying nature took over for us and our OB was ok with it. With my 3rd pregnacy i had a successful VBAC with the full support of my OB. I cannot believe a DR could be so insensitive to say such a thing you must have been horrofied.You start trying when the time feels right for you. goodluck to you and your family
you know i cant remember being told anything like that after my section and this was my first and i went private... was told to have a cat scan but thats cos they think my pelvis was too small hence the emerg section and if i wanna VBAC I need to get my pelvis measured...
interesting though cos I would never of thought about having "set" time frame between pregnancies if I was intending on doing it anytime soon...

Hi! I would seriously go and see another doctor. For a doctor to say that, what an idiot!
my doc said that falling pregnant just after he 6 week check up is fine., in fact my 2nd bub was only 4 monts old when i bcame pg with no3 I have had 3 c sections wehen I saw the ob at the 6 week check up he actually said if i was already pregnant he would not be concerned

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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