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just had a look at the sight. i think these days its not just young mums its older mums too, when a 40 year old announces shes having a baby everyone is in shock i guess just the same as when a 15 year old announces she is pregnant. i think as long as you can provide for this child, be a loving ,caring parent and consider the risks of havings a baby at a younger or older age and take the steps to help prevent them then there is no reason you cant be a good parent. obviouly i think there are exceptions to this.
Exactly, there is judgement out there for all differences, i am having my 6th baby and always get asked if they are from the same father! we have been together since i had just turned 16 i am now 35. i personally could care less how old a person is when they have children,as long as they are loved ,cared for , clean (well you know when you go out, not play clothes i mean) and all the rest that comes with being parents, as we learn along the way no matter what age.... Mums are all special and as long as we have the right intentions for our kids, more power to us all..
I totally understand the looks and not wanting to be in public without your partner. I'm 25 and I guess I look young (still get asked for ID everywhere!) When I was pregnant people would give me bad looks, then most would look at me left hand and I think most were shocked to see a wedding band! Even when I was with my DH he would comment that people looked at me like I was an alien or freak. I still get bad looks when I push my boys in their pram, WAKE UP PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE LOOKS YOUNG DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE!!!

I'm use to the look because when I was 13 my mum had another baby, my sister, and I'd take her to the shops when she was a little older and I'd get horrible looks, even if my mum was with us. I wanted a t-shirt that said "She's my sister!"

So I generally think people are narrow minded, and in my experience it's usually elderly people. Age has nothing to do with the ability to love or care for a baby.

Just ignore the looks it can be hard but thats the only way to deal with it.

In my experience, I don't think it matters what age you are, narrow minded people still have something to say.
I was 20 when I fell pregnant wil DS, totally planned, 2 months before our wedding and my boss asked me if he was an accident because I was too young to be having kids and a lot asked me why I didn't travel first and establish a career, DH and I are family oriented and have all we ever wanted. I studied after DS was born from home.
I was 23 when I had DD and still had people commenting on how close together they are (22mths) and if they are planned. When I got pregnant with #3 everyone asked ig DH would be getting the 'snip' now as we could never afford any more kids. We lost that baby and are pregnant again although none of the family know.
Our kids have everything they need, we own our home (hoping to sell & buy bigger house soon) they are loved, clean & fed and happy little kids.
I am very young looking and I don;t wear my wedding ring much at home as I work outside a lot and it ends up filthy but I hate leaving the house without it as I also get stares although I have learned to ignore them
Having worked in child protection, I have seen some god-awful parents. I just wanted to say that being older doesn't automatically make a person a better parent.

I have seen young women, develop amazing maturity once they were pregnant, and go on to be fantastic mums.

I have also seen some older mums, who are horribly neglectful and abusive.

Just goes to show that it is other factors which make a good parent, not age.
I respect all mothers.

I was pregnant at 19, am now 30 and married to a different man. I too got the looks, stares and comments.

IMO it was too young to have a child. My taste in men from 16 when I met him to when I met DH changed dramatically.

While some 16 yo's might know what they want, there are many more who get pregnant for the wrong reasons. Once the babies are here you can't send them back, and from experience there are very few 26 year old men who want the responsibility of a 6 year old boy - my DH is 2 years younger than me, and while he always says "I got a two for one deal" it has definitely had its hard moments.

What did your parents say when you got pregnant? While there are exceptions, such as yourself by the sounds of it, I would not encourage my own DD to get pregnant before she was married and had travelled and lived a little.

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and with no offense to you, but i dont think alot of young girls realise that there are high risks to becoming pregnant young when your body isnt fully developed, risks dont just lie with older mothers.
i was 18 when i had my oldest child, she is now 20 and made me a grandma last year... i was 36 when i had my youngest - let me tell you, the treatment was no better...

i so enjoy going out with my three teens and my two babies and grandson, and watching the confused looks on peoples faces when they scan between all of us trying to work out the relationships...lmao i don't look my age (39), and neither do my kids - my 13 yo pushes her little sister and older ladies compliment her on her beautiful baby hahahahahaha

my opinion, people can only upset you if you give them permission to do so... my answer to people, i won't be an old cripple when my kids grow up and make me a grandma (wasn't that the truth!!

as someone else stated, age is just a number on a piece of paper, doesn't make you smarter, more loving, or neglectful, your choices do that for you....

Good Luck girls!!!

mum of five, grandma of one

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