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Sometimes I wonder if young teenage mothers fall pragnant and enjoy all the contraversy and enjoy sticking their bellies out to attrack attention just so they can speak up. I am sick of seeing them on tv saying they are just as good, they wanted it, blah blah blah big deal.... why do you have to go on about it?? Why can't you just have your children and get on with it??

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Posted by: Katey G
I was 22 when Charlie was born, and Jon was 29. You should have heard some of the comments we got and seen the stares. Funny though, we were married and very stable? Hmmmmm.

why is that young? our grandmothers were 17 when they were having kids.
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i didnt read hag either, she may have misread.
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i am a young single mum. was 18 when i got pregnant am now almost twenty with a beautiful little boy who is six months old.
and imo 19 is the best age to have babies... and aywhere around that ahe is pretty good too. sure you've still got your life to live and everything but who says you cant have fun and have kids?
if you think about it in the olden days girls were having babies as young as 14. if you were 20 or over un married with no kids you were thought of as being strange.
its just prett recently that younger mums are looked down upon as a lot more woman are putting their jobs before having children which has pushed the publics eye of the 'perfect' age to have kids up to almost thirty
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when i was pregnant i got a lot of negative comments too. but i also got a lot of positive ones aswell, my dr and my mw both said that 19 is the prime age for having children.

as for getting lots of looks while pregnant, i never noticed them but everyone i was with did. i just ignored them all... even now i get a few but i feel more self concious when i dont have my son with me at the shops than when i do have him.
Im 21 with a 1 year old and a 3 week old, married and have a stable life but let me tell you, I dont think you can ever be prepared for motherhood no matter what age you are. I love my kids to bits but i wont deny having days where i wish we had just waited. I agree with one of the earlier posts though, dont waste your time ranting and raving about how you get treated, just have your baby and get on with life, you cant help what other people are going to say or do so just move on!

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I'm use to the look because when I was 13 my mum had another baby, my sister, and I'd take her to the shops when she was a little older and I'd get horrible looks, even if my mum was with us. I wanted a t-shirt that said "She's my sister!"

My daughter gets exactly the same looks when she is out with me and her little brother...she has now decided that she will not push the pram because of the looks and snickers that she experiences. I suggest a T-shirt for her also saying "he is my brother" lol....maybe there is a market out there for them.

Age does not make a mum or dad...just as Blood doesn't make a mum or dad. A child makes a mum and dad no matter when/why/how/where it came to be with it's parents.

take care of you and yours

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