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Im with you 100%, im 19 and pregnant with my 1st baby, i get the same reaction down the street as you do... Only difference is, most people know me and the father are not 2gether, and that we found out after we broke up!
I honestly dont doubt that anyone of any age can be a fantastic mother!

Just out of curiosity would any of the really young mums want their DDs having children at the same age?

I think if my DDs or came home pregnant at 15/16 or even if my DS was to become a father it would break my heart. I want them to have and enjoy those carefree years without having that overwhelming sense of responsible you have when you bring a child that you love like noone else into the world. I dont want them to be responsible for anyone but themselves. I want them to enjoy their selfish me, me I know everything years before family, work, debt, budgeting becomes part of their lives.

If it did happen though I would be there to help them through it no matter what decision they made.


Hey I was 21 when i had my first baby and I got the looks from people.....I was 33 when i had my last pregnancy with twins and still, I got the looks but also the rude comments such as when i walked past a woman and man (youngish) the woman just looked at me and said "baby bonus".
I couldn't believe my ears. Some people are just incredibly rude and judgemental. She has no idea of who I am or where I am from, what I do with my life or what I don't do with my life but still people will look and stand in judgement.

i guess pregnant mums just do tend to stand out in your average crowd. I know myself, I tend to look at pregnant mums not because i'm wondering their age but because they look so lovely, healthy, glowing, proud, sexy (nothing sus), gorgeous!
wow nat, i didn't think that mothers of twins would get judged, i woulda thought they would get admired for all the hard work of having two.

i want twins... i want a boy and a girl haha. i know it must be hard work (i find it hard sometimes with just one) but its also gotta be double the fun.
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i was also a nanny for two lil boys from 16 til i fell pregnant at 18. i copped a lot of looks and snide comments from people when i was in public with the boys who were 1 and 3 when i started looking after them. i learnt to speak my mind to anyone who had something to say about us and quite often they would end up skulking away embaressed.
i love those boys like my own and now they are like brothers to my DD. (the boys father was 60 when the first was born).
i dont think it should matter what age we have our kids at but what matters is the maturity levels we have when we have our kids.
as for the baby bonus, who in there right mind would have a child for a few grand. everyone knows kids cost a whole lot more than that.

Posted by: SweetLilMia

Just out of curiosity would any of the really young mums want their DDs having children at the same age?

i would support my DD if she became a pregnant teen. my grandmother had her first pg which ended in M/C when she was 16 and she was already married by 15. so why is it so different now 60 years later for women of child bearing capabilities to bear a child?
i may not be in a relationship with my DDs father but thats his fault and so far im doing a fairly good job of being a mom. i did give up the chance to travel through europe as part of my job as a nanny, but i dont regret hvaing my DD instead. i see it as when shes a bit older DD and i can go to europe and it will be even better.

I was 14 years old when i fell pregnant with my first child.. sadly my son didn't live too long after birth, I am now 26 and mother to 11 month old Tristan.
When i was 14 i was healthy and eating well and going to check ups and my child still passed away. When i fell pregnant with Tristan i didn't know i was pregnant till i was almost 27 weeks and for those 27 weeks and the years after my baby died i smoked Marijuana so heavily it was not funny (obviously i stopped the minute i found out i was pregnant with Tristan) Tristan was born healthy and has been going from strength to strength since he was born.
I dont believe that young mothers are more likely to use drugs during their pregnancies.. coz i know a heap of fully grown junkies who give birth to healthy babies all the time.

I was a young mother and i know the disrespect you get for being that way, sadly i still look 15 and often get asked how my day was at school lol.. and yes old ladies and other people have a go at me for being so "young" with a baby.. when i try to tell them i am 25 they don't believe me, so i just rip em a new one and tell them to kiss my natural white bum.

I also get a lot of flack from older ladies because my son is biracial if i get another "Yellow baby" comment or "Spring roll, won ton" what ever i am gonna kick some old lady toosh!!

Ky,Tristan 1year old

My mother had my little sister when i was 13 and my mum was in her 30's, and i used to get the stares when i was out with her. We even had 2 old ladies in the supermarket comment on how young i was to be a mother and that my mum should be ashamed to be out with us. I mean W T F were they thinking. Someone else also said to my mum when she was out with the baby that it was nice to see a grandmother looking after her grandchild.

Unfortunatly some people actually do have a babies for the baby bonus. When i was in hospital having DD 3 weeks ago, i had to share a room with a single woman who was not the slightest bit interested in her newborn. My DP heard her family talking about the fact that she only had the baby for the baby bonus and for the centrelink benifits as the last of her 4 children had just started school and she had been told that she needed to go back to work or have her payments cut back. Its people such as this woman with 4 or 5 children to differant fathers claiming welfare and not caring that make it hard for the people that are really trying and despite the fact that they are young mums are going to be great parents. I feel so sorry for the above mentioned newborn as he was already being neglected in hospital (being left for upto an hour by himslef while mum went for a smoke and being left 7 hours between feeds)

Age has nothing to do with being a good parent at all. i havent traveled the world or done a lot of things in my life, but i wouldnt swap my beautiful baby girl for anything.

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lol ok not being a weirdo or anything but mummy 2 b - love that pic you have!! i sooo miss my preggie belly (lol honest i'm not that weird - just clucky!)

i was 21 when i fell preg after months of trying. i was 22 when my DD daughter was born so i guess not really a 'young' mum - lol these days, at 24, i'm definately not feeling too young!

alright on the topic of young mums. my niece was 15 when she fell preg - she came and stayed with us so she could get her head around the whole idea (bub wasn't planned but as she says now he was a much loved 'accident') i have to say i was so worried when she came to us - she had no idea what she was in for and didn't understand anything about being preg (honest she didn't know what was happening - i got her a preg/baby book so she could have a read and i swear she had a thousand questions) i was so angry that her mum hadn't explained to her what was going on and what would eventually happen with her body, the birth and having a newborn...i had just had my DD and i have to say i really didn't think i'd have to have that conversation with anyone until my DD was ready to have kids! when she left us to go back home at about 26 weeks preg i was soo worried - she was so young and didnt have the maturity and i was really concerned about how she'd handle it (we live about 2000km's away so icouldn't help her) but her little guy is nearly a year old and i would have to say she is the best mum! age has nothing to do with ability - i've actually rung her when i've got into a pickle with my DD and i'm not sure what to do (you all know how it is)

being through the teenager preg with her opened my eyes in a big way and i can't understand how a mother (or father for that matter) wouldn't support their child if they came home pregnant.
Mummy 2 be,
ok I'm about to throw in my 2cents. Personally, at 16 I wanted to go to Uni get an education and travel. I had already met my hubby, but babies were not on the agenda. To tell you the truth I was sh*t scared of getting pregnant. I went to Uni, got a huge HECS debt that is still not paid off, and work as a teacher on a casual (CRT) basis. Waiting was good & bad. I am supported as a breastfeeding mum in the work I do (breastfeeding my daughter up to 3 times during the school day). I find working allows me to help provide a stable home for our family (pay off the house ect). However, I still have a massive HECS debt that I feel is never going to be repaid because I am a woman that chose to go to Uni and have children.
While working at school, a student in Year 10 was pregnant also and was due 2 days after me. We ended up in hospital together and she had a 10 pound boy with just gas!! I struggled with the birth of my daughter and needed vontuse extraction. So, maybe being a young mum has it's advantages? Or maybe it was a coincidence. Oh, and she is still at school & takes her son to classes & they both are doing great- so I take my hat off to her!
I get the feeling it is never the right time to start a family, and those that wait until they are emotionally mature are much better than waiting to be financially completly set. After all your bub won't care if they have a $100 toy or a home made version (well for quite a while anyway).
Anyhow, enough of my rambling. All I really wanted to say is ALL new mums REGARDLESS of AGE need emotional maturity and a good support network to be the best mum's they can be.

Hi all,
I am 19 and pregnant for the very first time. This bub is very much wanted. Any baby bonus money I get will all go straight to bubs. Me and my partner are both on benefits at the moment. I am studying in university and intend to take off the next year to be with baby and then will return to my studies. My partner, who has been with me for over 3 years, is currently job searching. I am only 3 months pregnant at the moment, so I haven't had any looks or comments yet. Although most of my family on my mums side who found out via gossip as they all live in a small town are apparently 'disgusted' with me. Not like it has anything to do with them but anyway, they all seem to think I am throwing my life away. I think this will be the greatest chapter in my life. I don't drink, smoke, party or do any kinds of drugs, and my mother lives 2hrs away so I doubt that I can just hand my baby off to her.
I intend to take full responsibility for this new life I have created, and to give them the best life I possibly can. I hope I don't get all the stereotyping while I am pregnant, but because I look younger than I am I am sure that I probably will, but such is life I suppose.
Good luck mummy_2be I am sure your bubs will bring you all the joy in the world. And to everyone else too. I wish you all the best.

Wow what a touchy subject, i am a young mum myself i am 20 years old i was 18 wen i Fell Preganant with my First Baby and everyone freaked out omg your way too yung how wil you support it blah blah blah it will ruin your life you wnt have one! well my 2nd baby is Due in 4 weeks and me and my partner couldnt be happier we planned on having number 2 Close and it just the way it happens... at the end of the day age is nothing but why is it that ONLY young ppl get frowned upon and please dont tell me any Different because ilook very young no older then 16, really! and my daughter recieves the love and care she needs and to me thats al that matters Please Give yound ppl a chance! yes there are young ppl out there who give us a bad name, but if ppl reach out n help then maybe our society wouldnt be so screwed..... at the end of the day we are all Humans so me with a little more knowledge lets share it so we can all learn and give respect to everyone equally
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