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HELP!! - Melbourne parents whose daughter started school as a 4 year old. Lock Rss

Hi there,

I would like to hear from any parents whose daughter started Primary School in Melbourne at 4 years of age and whether you are happy about or now regret your decision. My daughter will be in that situation in 2009 as she was born in April and I need to decide whether to send her then or the following year.

I would very much appreciate your feedback.

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So she will be almost 5 when she starts school then? My sister has the same issue, her daughter turned 4 last April and will be starting school next year before she turns 5. They were quite worried about her to start with as she was quite clingy and shy when she was younger, but now that she is in Pre School, she has grown up alot and is very mature and much more confident. I think it completely depends on the child and their personality and maturity level.

She was of the opinion that she started school at the same age and it was never a problem for her so it should be ok for her dd too.

Sorry if that is not much help.

Hi Julez,
Its a difficult and sometimes agonising decision for April babies. I dont envy you. But it is such a hard call to make because it really depends on each child and their maturity.
Does your daughter attend pre-school? I think it would be beneficial to seek their opinion as they will be able to tailor the answer more to your child. It really does depend on the child. As a pre-school teacher myself, I always ask parents to not just consider your child entering prep, and coping with it, then grade one, but to consider further down the track. The fact that the 'trend' almost these days is to hold children back means there can be up to 18months difference in ages. Consider this when you think of your child entering high school and trying to cope socially with a peer group of older children. What will happen when they start going out, kising boys, etc. Maturity is very important in these situations and social and peer pressure can be a cruel and relentless thing. I think being a teenager is scary enough, so I just ask that parents consider this when making the decision. School life can go for 13 years or more, dont just conside the first two.....
Dont mean to scare you, just food for thought....
But trust your opinions as a parent, you know your child better than anyone.

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