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Having baby number 3 tomorrow and feeling really sad to leave my other two at home. Lock Rss

I am a very blessed mummy to 3 year old twin girls. They are my life. I love being a mummy and cant express how much i feel fulfilled by them every day.
Due to medical reasons i have to be booked for a c-section tomorrow and the idea of being away from them is killing me. I know they can visit etc and i am dying to meet my new little fella tomorrow but i cant face the idea not to be the one kissing them good night and tucking them in. I also wake up every morning to them both calling "mummy where are you, i love you" which i have to say is the best wake up call i could ever ask for. They understand as much as any three year old can about mummy going to hospital and that there new brother will arrive tomorrow and they are really excited, but as silly as i know it is i just dont want them to feel deserted and that i dont love them as much. I am hoping that even with it being a c-section i will be able to come home after the weekend, i recovered so well from my last one and really didnt need to be there a full week. My hubby is on holidays and my mum is on back up so i will be well looked after at home. Sorry for the long post but it is really weighing on my mind.
Anyone else - felt or feeling this way?
First of all - good luck for today! I hope it all went well!!

I had the exact same feelings when I went and had no2. I had never left my then 2yo for more than a few hours so the thought of being in hospital away from her petrified me.

But honestly, as long as I knew she was safe and well looked after it was fine. I actually really enjoyed the time in hospital and enjoyed the one on one time with my new baby. I am sure you will be the same.

I am due to have #3 any day now and honestly can't wait for the break!!!!

Mama to 2 beautiful girls.. and #3 due any day now

All the best for today, hope it all went well.

It seems like moons ago but I remember feeling as you did. I was booked in for a c-sec with my second son (who was breech) while my eldest was only 14mths old. Ryan had been with me every single day and night of his life and I worried myself sick about how he would cope without me, and how I would cope without him. He was also too young at that age to explain to him what was happening.

I found when Ryan came to visit me in hospital (I had to stay 2 nights) he was very hesitant around me which broke my heart. I also missed him terribly however it really was such a short time of being apart ... only a few days and its over before you know it. As soon as Jayden and I got home again Ryan was back to normal.

I think we as mums struggle harder with it than the kids as they are really resilient. Things will return to normal in no time. Enjoy your new bundle

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