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pronouncing your childs name right. Lock Rss

I'm not sure this is the right section but i needed to vent/whinge.

I have a ds who we named Joshua. A lovely name we thought can be shortened to Josh which we also thought was nice for a man or a child. BUT we have a relative who repeatedly calls him Joshie and i know it's stupid but i hate it! It isn't something either my Dh or i call him. Even our almost 3 yrs old calls him Josh.

I don't know about anyone else but i always take my cue's from a parents child before shortening the child's name. And in all my yrs wroking as a nanny that was a question i would ask when having my interview.

I know it's something i just need to suck up and get over. josh will be old enough soon to tell people what he wants to be called. But does anyone else find this annoying?

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Yes!!!! My DS has a great aunt who insits on calling him Cammy and I hate it. We named him Cameron because that's what we wanted people to call him. We also call him Cam and that's fine for everyone else to use. Some of our mates call him Cammo and although Im not too fond of it, it doesn't bother me but I cannot stand Cammy. We've even said something to her about it but she still does it. Im waiting for the day that Cam tells her not to call him that anymore because I know he's likely to be very blunt about it lol.

I also take my cues from the parents. DS has a mate named Harrison and I keep finding myself going to call him Harry but its not something his parents want him called until he's old enough to make the decision himself and so I dont.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09


When we had Henry, I was sure thats what he was, my in-laws and idiot brother thought differently (my idiot brother called him Tyrone for the first month....he thought it was funny coz it stirred me up.... Hes 18 and a total idiot, lol, but I love him!!)

My in-laws went out and brought Henry EVERYTHING they could find with HARRY on it... I know that there aren't many things with Henry on them, but Harry isn't his damn name.... I know he will get Harry when he is older...but for right now he is Henry and thats the name we picked and I don't get why they chose to call him Harry. My MIL and BIL have gotten the hint but my SIL and her son still call him Harry...

I don't want to say anything and DH doesn't notice.. Ill be doing the same thing as Karen, when he can say, don't call me Harry, I'll be so happy!! LOL, I'm a sook though!!

Liz, 28, DF, 29. Henry- 18/10/2006, Faith 5/6/2013, Peanut being induced 21/10/2014.

i know !!! my son is raiden and yet mil and that side of the family insists on calling him ray and when ever they introduces him it's ray or bubby ray he's 3 almost 4 and there still callin him bubby ray ! i told them how i felt from the start but they just ignore me ! when i'm out with them and the intro him as ray i say his name is raiden and the people just look at me funny ! my niece is aaliyah (ah lee yah) but she gets called arrrr,leeee,ah and arr,lie,yah but even her kindy does this dispite my corecting them every time i mean she's been there for over 6 months now they should know ! any way will have to wait and see what my daughter will get with her name elexus i call her elle my partner calls her lexi he hates it when i call her elle but it's the only way people realise it's elexus not alexus !

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I get this with both my oldre children. Mitchell used to get shortened to Mitchie and i hated it, my DD used to get Bree or Breezer instead of Briana.This all came from the ex's SIL and after being corrected a few times and told quite rudley by Mitchell she pulled her head in.

Mitchell doesn't mind Mitch and Briana gets Rana or Rani as when she was born Mitchell could only say this and it kinda stuck.

But what really annoys me is my horrible MIL who refuses to use any of the kids names and instead calls the kids all these baby type names. She even does it to DP's 18 year old sons. It is very frustrating and i make a point when she says now "How's the little boy?" I point out that DAMON is fine...


our boys have names that cant really be shortened Brad ( not bradley) Blake & Ryan but brad often gets bradley we call blake blakey but Ryan does not really get anything other than Ryan although mil told everyone when he was born that his name was Brian! nut mil is the worst offender she once told me she named her sons with nmes that could not be shortened so intead she lengthens them stupidly my hubby is Anderw whom she calls Andy Pandy the eldest brother is Trevor who gets trevvy, David gets daydy, ,Glenn who is a big muscley cop gets "my little gleeny wenny" and Warren is wazzy.yes its annoying but not much that can be done just take recording with you that you can play "his name is Joshua but you can call him Josh!
[Edited on 04/09/2007]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My son's name is Tristan

When i tell people his name they say " oh Christian is a nice name" i just reply
"Yeah it is but his name is TRIStan" my mother in law calls him "Tris" and is errks me to no end.. i haven't said anything yet as i can't think of a way to say it without being totally rude.

We call him Tristan so he knows his name.. and my mum calls him Dinkie which came from Stinky

and his great great grandmother calls him "Chow Nang" which means Smelly Person as his Chinese pet name. i don't mind Chow Nang as the woman can't speak English and cant say Tristan
But those who can speak English should say his name right i think.. i am with all of you on this

Ky,Tristan 1year old

My DD's name is Amelia and my brother calls her Amee (not Amy) to get a rise out of me. I don't want her called anything but Amelia until she is old enough to decide for herself.
My name is Julie-Anne and I HATE it if people call me Julie or Anne, I tell them once and then ignore them after that until they say ot right. When working and pregnant a regular customer called me Julie and I corrected him as my name was clearly visable on my badge. What a bitch I know but hey the hormones were playing up!
DS is Sterling and that's what everyone calls him except my SIL. She calls him Sterlo. She asked me one day if I mind people calling him that (like she cared) and I informed her that she was the only one bogan enough to! Silly cow she is.
My neices informed me they were going to call him Sterly when he was born (they were 4 & 6) and they sometimes still do. I know he'll get Sterlo from his mates when he's older and that's fine. But for babies I agree you should take your cues from the parent or use the full name until you're sure!
Oh I so know how you all feel. My sons name is Benjamin but for some reason most members of my family either call him Benji or Bennie. I can live with Ben or even Benji if I have to, but Bennie I really can't stand. I find it hard to correct people, but at the same time it really gets up my nose. I totally agree that people should take the cue from the parants.


Hayz28 my lil bro's name is Benjamin. He has always been Ben but we also all called him Gingerbum as he had ginger coloured hair as a kid! My sister also called him Bonji a lot - but mainly he gets Ben. Haven't really heard of many Bennie's other than Benny Hill I guess!
My daughter's name is Siobhan and my Brother occasionally refers to her as Chevvy but never really to her face. Her godmother calls her Vonny and tries to get her son (same age) to call her that too. Thing is Siobhan doesn't get called it by anyone else so she doesn't respond to it. lol

My mum didn't like names that could be shortened so she supposedly picked names that couldn't be shortened ...... Raphael (family name and he gets Raph or Ray), Kimberley (he gets Kim), Kieran (he gets Kizza) and Andrae (I get Andii) I think she stuffed up really on that one. hehe

My grandma was overseas when i was born and when she got home the first thing she called me was Andy... my mum went nutts saying she already had 3 boys and that she didn't want another one! I get Andii from most of my friends now though. lol

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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