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ok, so i went to the doctors yesterday cos my 13 week old son has the vommits and diorhea (lucky me!). so i make a grand entrance, as i walked up to the counter he vommited everywhere and disgraced himself downstairs at the same time (just double lucky i suppose!). after the secretary helped me clean him and myself up i sat down to wait.

an elderly lady says 'oh how cute, how old is he, beautiful boy blah blah blah'.... so i smile and say 'hes 13 weeks and i have to say the best 13 weeks of my life!' so she then replies (wait for it!), 'wow not many young mums would say that! i couldnt even be bothered to say anything back, i was so angry. (by the way i am 23).

i then go in to the doctors and he gets mad at me because he tells me that as soon as i noticed my son had diorhea i should have stopped formula feeding for 24 hrs! apparently i should be feeding him this electrolyte stuff instead. i said i had no idea of this cos no one had ever mentioned it. he then replied 'how silly can you be' and shook his head! grrrrr!

so i bought the stinkin stuff and tried to feed it to my son and he wouldnt have a bar of it! he just kept spitting it back at me! so i rang the docs again and they said id have to try a different flavour so i bought the orange one and he hated it too. so just spent all that money and then the doctor says, 'well just keep giving him formula! i thought the whole point was that i couldnt give it to him for the next 24 hrs! i am so confused, and not to mention p****d off! am i doing the wrong thing or not?

and to top off my day my partner comes home and asked me why i didnt vacuum and mop the floors like i said i would! needless to say i didnt take it very well and he apologised soon after!

so that was my day yesterday ladies. hope you all had a better one than me.

cheers xxx

You poor thing. I am 33 and I haven't heard of the stuff that the doctor told you to use..... my mother wouldn't know what it is either.

It's no good when our little ones are ill, I always feel lousy and wish I could take the sickness on instead....

Hope today is a little better for you. How is your son?
hi i am 30 and mum to 3 boys,i have never given my kids electrolyte when they have been sick is grose i wouldnt even have it, i had a sample one they ated it, i was just told to keep breast feeding and to keep the fluids up which you would be formula as well as long as they are drinking they shouldnt need the other, i vagley remember being told to make the fomula weaker, trust me dr,s dont knnw everything .one gave me medication to my 20 month old that i told him several times he wasallergic to!!! mind you we were on holidays at the time, try ringing the parenting help line i have used it alot over the years they have drs and nurses number should be in your blue book you get when bub was born .

What a crappy day!!!
I am so sorry to hear your son is sick - It is really hard work at the best of times let alone when people make you feel stupid. Keep your chin up. How are us mums suppossed to know everything - I didnt know they were not suppossed to have milk when they have this kind of bug either - isn't that what doctors are for to tell us these things???
I have to say too i would be throwing the mop at my hubby and telling him to put it to use (whether to stick where the sun dont shine, or to clean the floor) Hang in there and hopefully your little fella is better soon.
YOu did the right thing mib. You went to the doctor and he was sposed to make your baby better not treat you like an idiot. He is not suposed to judge. You know, he went to university for 6 years to be a snob.

We don't know these things unless we are told.

As for the gastrolite try the home brand amcal one its black currant and dosn't taste so bad. All the others are awful. Hope your little one feels better soon

hey ladies, thanks for your replies.

my son is much better now. yesterday was his first good day in a while. i just keep formula feeding and the bug just worked its way out of his system by itself.

i do have to say that for the last couple of days he has been drinking more spose cos hes dehydrated. he usually drinks every 4 hours but lately its been every 3.

thanks for all your help. my days have been much better since then and yes, my partner did do the vacuuming for me. what a good boy!

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