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Hi everyone
My husband and i have our perfect little family of three children, and we are definately sure we do not want anymore. I am looking into contraception options at the moment I have looked into IUD and Male sterilization and all the usual pills, implants, injections etc. I was just wondering if anyone has first hand experience at being sterilised. If so can you give me me some info any advise from someone who has had it would be welcome

yes i have the first hand expience that you are after. I found worst part of it all was the time on the waiting list and hoping i did not fall pregnant, which is what did happen. i had my surgery when my DD2 was 9 weeks old, after the surgery there were two small wounds one at the belly button and one at the bikini line, which were both fine and never gave me any trouble. i had little pain, which was controllable with panadol, the worst of the pain was that which went up to the shoulders.
i went home about 4 hours after the surgery and i was up and about and doing normal daily life the second day after the surgery. For my family i know i made the right choice, and is great being able to have sex with out having to worry about contraceptives at all
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yes I have had my tubes tried twice, due too second marriage had reversed then tied again. As strawbs had said about the two little cuts , I just had a little bit of cramp but second day I was fine. We have four children now so I know I made the right decision as I did have the merina and had lots of problems so I am happy now that I know I dont have to worry about getting pregnant.

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Brave ladies. I'm going in for my pre op this week, am as scared as anything..don't have any support but its nice to see that you guys didn't have any problems afterwards
Leah2 Make sure you take a list of questions with you or otherwise you will forget to ask things
Thanks LR1DAE, I'm a nurse and have researched it well but still have heaps of questions, already have a list! but I'm sure the more I think about it the more questions I will come up with! Am just scared about it, not having anyone there when its over with is the hardest
You will be fine chicky. You have us to vent to, lol, Hows Ju going?
Thanks, I'm sure it will be fine tho sad Shes doing really really good, visit her every week and she seems to be getting back to her normal self every time I see her
am going to private message you leah2
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