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6 year old boy birthday party. Lock Rss

My son is having a birthday party in 2 weeks, we are having it in the park.

Just wondering if you would have games as well, or if I should just let the kids play on the equipment. I am pretty sure that the kids who are coming will have parents with them, if not I have adult family members coming who can help supervise.

I was thinking of a small game of cricket (or what the kids are capable, it's more of a bit of a play if they are interested not a proper game with winners and losers)

I was also thinking of pass the parcel and a lolly hunt. Also I noticed Aldi has big bubble blowers this week, or are they a bit too old for bubbles do you think?
Never too old for bubbles, just be prepared for them to blow them at each other. I had a birthday party for my eldest DS in the park when he was six. I took a few balls and pass the parcel. But also let them play on the equipment. If you have a few bigger balls like basketballs etc you could two groups playing tunnel ball, this is a game they play at school in kindy. Or running games. I found that even if you make them non competitive boys of this age will make everything a competition. So having prizes for everyone is a good idea. Make up stupid reasons like sitting the quietest, or trying the hardest. Good on the swing or slider.

Be prepared for parents not to stay. I found a lot of parents just left, some even just dropped kids off without getting out of the car. I thought more would have stayed. I know I would or at least ask if they wanted me to stay.

Have fun.

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Thanks for those ideas.

Maybe some mini bubble blowers in the party bags?

Also what did you do for food?

Did you have a whole heap of things in bowls or did you take big multi bags of chips? I was thinking that might be easier.

I have people who offered to bring things so I plan on using that lol. After all they did offer.
I would use the multibags. I just did sausages for lunch. then had cake and nibbles on the tables.

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Never too old for bubbles, even us adults! smile have you looked on trademe? you can get some already made up goody bags and they have some neat stuff in them, I got them for my son's 5th
Trace it's not for lunch thankfully, it's morning tea. So I am doing cake (well my mum is making the cake) then I think I'll have a fruit platter etc. and then little bags of chips.

What about drinks? Would you use poppers or plastic cups and drinks that get poured. My MIL went crazy and bought plastic cups, but I am thinking I should just go and get a whole heap of poppers etc. Maybe have other drinks for adults but I don't know.

Leah, what's trademe?
Poppers as cups get knocked over easily. take a marker pen and write their names on the bottle so no mix ups.

I took drinks for adults too just in case.

I think trademe is a website

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Yeah I saw someone in General mention trademe.
Its I guess its New Zealands answer to Ebay smile They have aussie sellers on there too I think (if thats where your from)
Thanks for all the tips.

I had a few games planned, but no-one wanted to play them. The just ran all around the park and it was a great time.

I am so glad that it turned out to be a great time.

They can be hard sometimes. well done

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