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Irregular Periods after Miscarriage Lock Rss

I had a miscarriage 8 week ago, I bleed for a weeks and then nothing until 1&1/2 weeks ago when I had spotting it only lasted 2 days and was very light. I was told by my GP that this was my period. Yesterday the spotting returned only light again. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know if it is normal.

PS I have a 18 month old

It does sound like it's OK to me.

I had something similar after the birth of my children, I bled for weeks and then a week or 2 after it had stopped I bled lightly again.

If you are concerned I would see another doctor.

Are you alright emotionally after the miscarriage. here's a hug it must have been absolutely awful.
i am the same as you I'm a mum to 4 & i had a miscarriage at christmas 2004 to twins & i bleed for several weeks after that. Since i started having my periods again they have been 2-3wks apart & very light & only lasting 3-4 days. So when i fell preg with my 23month old we didnt know when his due date was for sure & had to wait for the scan to confirm the EDD & even after having him my periods were the same. But i consulted my dr about it & it is quite normal to have irregular periods after a misscarriage.

Hope you are not feeling to bad alot of people say oh you'll get over it but its always in the back of your mind i know mine still is.
Here is a huge HUG to you to hopefully cheer you up
if you ever want to chat heres my msn chat address just add me & we can talk


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