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My 4 year old daughter gets pains in her legs during the nights. People say its growing pains as there is no other obvious reason. She screams in pain and curls up into a ball so as to hold her legs. The only thing that calms her down in giving her some panadol.

My son never got them and neither did I or my husband as children so we are a bit lost on what to do.

Does anyone know if she is lacking in some vitamin or mineral or something, that makes this so painful? She eats reasonably well but I'm wondering if there is something i should be giving her more of.


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yes my 4yo son is getting the same thing... before i took him to the gp i was pretty sure it is lacking in iron, so i have a vitamin supplement for the kids, he also screamed in pain and panadol worked. On taking him to the gp she said it may be growing pains but it is not in the calf of his legs (the pain) it is in his shins (from the knees down to his ankles)so keep a record of how ofte it happen over a month and time them really whilst still giving panadol as she would then get an x-ray or ultrasound done,just to be sure it is not something else. He has been fine so far but the pains lasted a good 6 months only hen they became more frequent did i go to the gp, but i would suggest a kids multi vitamin that has the most iron added...
oh my gosh I used to get these pains in my legs when I was around 4. My mum thought I was making it up and couldn't understand why I was in so much pain and I couldnt' explain it either. I remember it lasted a few years for me and at the time I did go through a growth spurt cos I was very tall for a child my age, but now I am not so tall anymore =/ I now get muscle cramps because of pregnancy =((

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All three of my kids have got these pains, especially my two boys. I give them panadol and lay there and rub their legs until they are asleep again. I did also went to the chemist and got some oil for muscle pain and told the kids that it is their own special aching leg oil, so they ask for it when they wake up, It was comforting to them that they had their own special leg rub
My daughter who is now 7yrs old has been getting these growing pains in her legs probably since she was about 4, she doesnt' have them all the time but there is occasions she will and when she was younger and first got them I was worried and took her to the drs but they told me it was growing pains and only really panadol could help or a heat pack, so I got her a heatbag as well to help, but later on I found a natural soothing cream and now she rubs that into her legs when they hurt and has panadol when she is in lots of pain as she often wakes in the middle of the night crying. I never had it as a kid and either did DH so we didn't know what it was but the dr told us its quite common in some children and can go on for a few years while they are growing.

I experienced growing pains as I was growing up, well I thought they were until I was 23 and put my hip out and could hardly walk. I had an xray and found out that I must have fallen when I was younger and slipped my tailbone, and it ended up pressing on my sciatic nerve. After that I would put this ointment for no-more-pain on my tail bone and the pains in my legs would go away. I then went to an osteopath who (was told later he shouldn't have) clicked my tailbone back into place. I was in a hell of a lot of pain afterwards, but now have no more of those pains.

This probably isn't related to your childs growing pains, but just a thought that maybe the pain might be referred from elsewhere.

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I used to get "growing pains" as a child and teenager as well, it is very painful like the bone inside your leg is aching/screaming. I found that a hot bath helped ease the pain - hot baths in the middle of the night might be a hassle but it really did help. Also I know she is only 4 but if she can swallow a tablet you might try the fish oil capsules for kids and/or magnesium suppliment for a few weeks to see if this makes a difference. Fish oil is an anit inflamatory and magnesium is good for bones.
My GP suggested a multi-vitamin. She said that a lack of vitamin C can cause this pain.

My nephew used to get these pains as does my son. Fish oil and massage has worked wonders for my son as he only had minor problems with it. A magnesium suppliment was what worked for my nephew. Each GP will have a different view and all i can suggest is look at all the suggestions and find the one that works for you and your child.
Good luck no one likes to see their child in pain.

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There is an article on Growing Pains in Practical Parenting this month. I showed my mum and she said she never knew about it. She never understood what was happening to me and neither did doctors back then - well the ones we saw

To teach is to learn twice

Very best thing for that is massage both her legs before she goes to bed every night or every 2nd night it lossens their muscles up as they are always tense by the end of the day & the massaging relaxes them inturn stops them from spasming that causes the growing pains:) I do it on my 4 1/2 yr old & it works wonders smile but she had it day & night but now it is rare that she gets them.

Tell us how it goes & good luck
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I've got her taking the Centrum multivitamin for kids now and we haven't had a single night of pain (Touch Wood!!!!)

She loves taking them as they taste like strawberry and she even reminds me to give it to her. I put them with the tablets (fish oil and glucosamine) that i have to take each day for my bad hips, so sometimes she even reminds me to take mine.


Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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