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Ok everyone i need to know at what age would you give your kids the talk. I have a 8 year old DD and almost 10year DS. THey have both had to start wearing deoderant and i am at a loss as to when to have the talk with them about the birds and the bees...

Any suggestions on how to go about it would be great as it scares the shit out of me to have to do this.


There are lots of books about this try the library or a long 'browse'(read it) in a book shop.

Our DS will be 7 in September and I am thinking that the time is approaching where we need to have the talk with him. I would much prefer that he learns the facts from us at a young age than hears about it from the older boys at school.

I am interested to hear what other parents think is an appropriate age for the talk.

My daughter is 11 and we have just explaining things not really graphic but have telling her names that our body parts have other than penis and vagina, and explaining to her how a baby is made and by what parts exactly so she doesnt have the wrong information off others and she knows about periods as she is carrying a supply around in her bag for when she starts.
With my boys they know the basics and my eldest boy is 10 but i think they r abit more immature than my daughter so i might wait until they r older like 12 or so but they know it isnt ok to hit or touch girls on the boobs or in the vagina .
so they r going to learn worse at school especially when my daughter got called a fat whore at school by her supposed friend the other day i was mortified. omg life is tough for a girl these days.
i have never had a book for them to read but i am going to get one

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My dd was 4 when i had my ds and she was at the birth so that solved that one lol, and a lovely parent at her daycare told the children that daddy put the baby in mummys tummy..hmmm. She is now 5 1/2 and constanly asking questions. She knows the correct names of 'things' and slowly I give her more information. Rather I told her than she get the wrong info from someone else. Have a look at a book shop or library...there are some really kid friendly books out there. Good luck.
Hi, my daughter is 12 years old and going to high school next year so I decided that I really needed to explain everything to her about the birds and the bees. I was very nervous but she needed to know as she is a little bit immature for her age. Anyway she listened very well and asked lots of questions. She had a basic idea before this but not enough info and she already knew about periods as I had explained about that when she was ten. I think it depends on the child and if they start to ask lots of questions but I think that just before they go to high school is a good start in telling them as they will have to grow up pretty quickly then.
I'd never thought about this lol. Although my baby is still a baby! My parents never gave me 'the talk' but mum did explain about periods to us.

My DD is 10 and has had the talk. It went surprisingly well and she was happy with the explaination about what was happening with her body. You just have to be truthful and straight out about it.

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'the talk' is intimidating and embarassing for all concerned. Just start making it an open line of communication. Something that you bring up regularly, so you all become desensitised so to speak. I've been discussing sexuality, puberty etc (in an age appropriate way naturally)with my sons since they were tiny. It hasn't occurred to them yet to be embarrassed about the topic but that may change as they head towards puberty themselves. I'm hoping to have enough information ingrained into them by that time that it'll be second nature. Books are a good idea too, so that when they've finished squirming uncomfortably on the couch and escaped to their room to recover they can go over it again, hopefully absorbing some of it. Please don't think of it as a one off duty. They need to talk, reflect and talk some more. The more you do it (talk that is, no pun intended lol) the easier it becomes for you and your kids.
Hi all,

thanks for the responses and sorry i haven't checked back as for some reason i wasn't getting emails in regards to posts...

We have been talking about things with older DS who is 10 and are very relaxed in doing so. He also found some information was shared by some of the kids in the senoir classes. I didn't like this as i would prefer we were the ones to tell him. But we have been answering his questions when he comes to us.

My 8 year old DD is abit more reserved and gets abit funny when we start discussing things so i think the way to go for her maybe a book (she is a real bookworm) and then answer any questions she may have as she is reading it...I found a great one in our library not so long ago so will check it out for her or may even buy a copy of it...

Thanks again

We never got "the talk" we had the book where do babies come from when we were really young so just had that to flick through and read whenever we wanted. I've already decided thats what we're going to do. As for the puberty thing we also had a book what's happening to me that explained it all so we were aware of it all and could ask questions if we wanted. Of course when you get to intermediate and highschool you have your health classes and get those little talks about it.
Hi there. My DD is now 10 years old and i recently went out to a bookstore and bought her a book that explains all of the body parts and how it changes through puberty, periods etc. I wanted to be able to sit down and go through all of this stuff together so when the time comes or if she has questions about anything she would feel comfortable coming to me for information. I also wanted to be the one to tell her about the birds and the bees instead of hearing about it at school and perhaps getting the wrong information about certain things.


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