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a ? for mums with older girls Rss

if we're having a competition can I enter mine? 14, I'm due again in August and i am crossing everything for another boy!

Whinging days - i ignore the whine as much as I can and praise the good stuff. Most of the time it was actually because the child (whichever of the three it was at the time) had been teased by an elder sibling or was plain old bored. It was just a case of figuring it out. Best of luck!
u poor thing!! whinging would drive me insane!! don't know how you do it!
good luck though!! blink
I hate to break this to you, but they just get worse! I used to love my DD's, now they are teens they fight, argue, swear and will not do any housework unless bribed or threatened. Enjoy your little DD while you can.
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