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When your little baby grows up........ Lock Rss

On the 4th of march, nearly 14 years ago I had my first baby.... she's not my baby anymore and I feel quite upset. Its hitting me hard coz shes nearly in her second teen year!

Anyone else sad they're older child is growing too fast?? tongue
on the 14th of march my eldest will be 5.( i know not as old as yours). i just cant figure were the time has gone sometimes i really miss him being my little baby. it seems like a lifetime ago whn he was a newborn.he is now at school fulltime which i hate cos i miss him to much. although at the same time i also have a just gone 2 yr old boy and a 8 week old girl at home with me. so i hate the school drop off and pick up its a absolute nightmare. i wish they didnt have to grow up. its sad whn you realise their not babies anymore.

I agree 100%

Congratulations on your new baby girl and Happy birthday to your son!

I understand where your coming from - school is difficult when you have more than one child. When my eldest went to preeschool i already had a newborn and I hated waking up mornings because during the night I hadn't slept at all!

I guess the idea is to enjoy your kids because when they're 18 and legal-aged they'll probably be out partying too much to spend time with us oldies.. lol Only 4 more years left with my eldest tongue
I know what you mean on the 22nd May my little girl will be 13 well one of them lol
It only seems like yesterday i had her they do grow up way to quick if only we could rewind the clock lol.

Thats so right! I wish she was my baby again although its really good now because I have three little angels smile

Happy birthday for May 22nd to your little girl!!

My daughter spent the afternoon [she went to school] with me, dad and her sister & brother. We had a nice cake for her and we gave her one of those psp handheld things grin it was nice

Hi my Little girl will be 14 on the 14th of may. Its sad but the worst part is she doesn't even look 13 she can pass for 16+. Thats what I hate the most I think.
yeah i am the same - my little girl is 9.5yrs and i have no idea where the time has gone, hugging her feels so different cause she is so big now. i so wish i could turn back time, i don't want her to grow up!!

Hey Lell I wish your daughter a happy birthday for the 14th may!

I feel much better knowing that its not just me missing the early years smile


Im like that - its strange knowing you've had a little girl.. then she becomes a big girl. i find myself thinking "How did this human grow so fast" haha smile
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MY ds IS 13 ON THE 6TH OF JUNE. I much prefer it when they are babies, they like us, they listen to what we say and believe in all the magical stuff. We used to be thier best friends and heroes.. Now, bring on puberty girlfriends and someone who actually has a clue about young people of the Luckily we still have a great relationship, but he still sometimes looks at me like i have just dropped out of the sky.. the i have a girl turning 11 on the 2nd of May. and what happened to buying dolls and prams as gifts, now itsd, ipods, iphones, mobile phones, nintendo Ds's. make-up...aaarrrgghhh. Luckily i still have a5yo 4yo 2 yo 1 yo and a 2 month old at home to enjoy for a few years yet, although dont you think wilth older siblings the little ones grow up thinking they are born 10yo!!!!!
have to agree with everyone! my eldest is 8 and i wonder how the yrs went by so fast. my 2yr old is a spitting image of what he was when he was the same age and i often look at my 2 yr old and reflect on what my 8yr old was like at that age.
its even sadder when your youngest is no longer a baby and you know that there will be no more.

<sigh> oh yes i remember when....... my DD1 (who i still think of as my baby) will be 11 in December and i remember saying 'i cant wait till she crawls, walks, talks' now she does and now id like to shout 'STOP IT' where did my baby go?? ;-(

Now we are going through the pre hormone stage where she wants to go out with her friends, going shopping with mum is an embarrasement, where 'you are ruinning my life' and 'i hate you' is a daily occurance. <sigh>

sorry about the ramble ;-(

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My daughter actually asked me for make up the other week. I know she's 14 but does she really need makeup JUST because she's 14?? lol i miss my baby!! i said she can only wear mascara because i've seen a lot of her peers wear it.. but i have guidelines for makeup.. its not nice when young girls pile it on any1 agree? they dont need it @ their age.. (sorry for the little rant lol)

I can relate to the younger siblings thinking they're more mature than they realy are; my second child talks like a grown-up lol (shes only 8 nd a half)!

thankfully i still have time 2 enjoy with my 2 youngest smile

God bless xx
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