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Kids first year at school Lock Rss

Just looking for other mums that have sent their kids off to school for the first time.
Would love to know how you and they are coping

My busy house

My DD has started this year. She was 5 in January, and she is simply loving it. She cannot get enough. She is a bright little thing, and I am amazed at how quickly she has picked things up, like simple maths and reading.
I am coping fine. She seems happier than before, and I know that there are far less arguments in the morning when we are trying to get ready.

How about you?

Hey ladies!
My son turned 5 in November last year ... he has just commenced prep this year! He is loving it and absolutely thriving! He loves to learn *fingers crossed* he carries this attitude with him throughout his life!!
I must say though, i am surprised how much variance there is between the standards all the preppies are at ... i don't just mean academically smile I mean simple communication ... there is a wide range of ability amongst the preppies!
cheers ... to a great year!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi My Daughter has started prep this year she likes it.
I do feel she maybe a bit quiet in her group.
she has made some new friends. There is like 4 kids that go to her school that went to her daycare.
She is turning 5 in two weeks time.
Thank you for reading Amanda.

i have a little one who started prep this year. he lovesit, but each day he says he doesnt want to go, bt then never wants the day to end when he is there. He is my 3rd child, so he has no trouble with communication and following instructions etc, his older siblings are in grade 6 and high school. He catches the bus to anf rom school and loves it, beacasue my Dd (10)has firends that think hes a cutie and play with him, actually they mother him more than anything. He has only a couple of friends though, so i am hoping he will make a few more as the year progresses. he is coming home singing songs and chirpy, but i have also noticed he gets upset easier, I am not sure if he is still adjusting withth e 5 day a week thing or if its just a phase.. He always asks when its a holiday off (the weekend) even on mondays!
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