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dd born 21st October 2006 weighed 9lb7oz (2wks over due date)
17mths later
ds born 25th March 2006 weighed 10lb7oz (2wks over due date)
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Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

after reading through these posts im getting kinda scared.
I'm currently 18 weeks preg with angelbaby number 2.
my son will be 4 and a half when this one is born.
He was 10lbs 10oz when he was born and i was induced after 14 days overdue. end result was caeser after failed vontouse and forceps and 3 days in labour)
I am quite worried about this one being big too as so far my scan have shown her growing the same as my son, where at the 12 week scan was a few days ahead of her self.
I am being monitored to make sure baby isnt growing too fast.
Any advise?
Sorry for the novel

RotoruaNZ - Brayden May 05 & Lacey Dec 09

I would assume(which I know you shouldn't do in pregnancy) that because you ended up with a caeser for your first that they would almost automatically do a caeser for your 2nd. Where I live they will not let you go naturally after having a caeser. I don't know if you wanted to go naturally this time. I was worried that my 3rdwas going to be 2 lb bigger than my 2nd because that was the difference between my first 2 but he actually ended up smaller and born 15 days later.(2nd was 10 days early, 3rd was 5 days late I was stressing because I was picturing this 3rd baby getting ginormous every day he was overdue. I kept trying to convince my dr that i needed to be induced but he kept saying Yu'll be right!- alright for him to say he wasnt pushing this baby out.... Hopefully you have a good doc during your pregnancy an d will keep checking the size. I had a sizing at my 34 week scan with my 3rd and 4th and they were
ds- 4lb 9ozs born 5 days late 7lb 3oz
dd- 5lb 10oz born 14 days early 7lb 6lb (I had ges diabetes with this one)
Well all the best keep us updated.
DD1 27/02/06 6lb 7ozs 39.4wks gest
DD2 13/10/07 8LB 3OZS 39.6 wks gest
DD3 28/08/09 7lbs 40.3 wks gest

i dont think it's always true that babies get bigger the more you have, i am not sure why my second was much lager than my other two, maybe because all i wanted to eat was potatoes when i was pregnant with her!! in relation to the pp you dont always have to have repeat c-sect i had one with the first due to her being breach but had vbacs for my last two, there are some risks but there are risks having csect, i am so glad i had them naturally. my second labour was 36hrs long but my third was only 3 hours. best of luck.
when i had my second baby he was bigger then my first, my girl was only 7lb 5oz and my boy was 8lb 8oz. but i know a lot of mum's that had second and third baby and they have not been that big some have been the same weight as the frist or a little smaller or just a little bigger then the second.
Hi I have four boys and my smallest was 6 pounds and then it went up a pound for each baby after! I would be seriously worried if i ever had another one it would be in the 10 pounds. 9 was big enough!
My second bub was smaller.

Jackson was 7 pounds 11 ounces and Charlotte was 7 pounds 8 ounces. Pretty similar sizes smile

Hi all

1st baby 8lbs 10oz 39 weeks
2nd baby 9lbs 15oz 40 weeks
3rd baby 9lbs 2oz 37 weeks

So I think they all would have ended up the around the same if they all came at 40 weeks, not small babies smile no '0000' size clothes for us, they were straight into '000' and '00'.

Mum of three amazing people

DD1 was 3.3kg - 12 days early

DD2 was 3.28kg - 21 days early but I had insulin dependent gestational diabetes
mine were
DD1 - 8p 2oz - a wk early
DD2 - 8p 9oz - 9 days late
DS1 - 9p 6oz - 10 days late
and DS2 - 8p 8oz - 5 days late

So really no2 would have been around the same weight as no1 if they were born on their due dates!
Also, my mum who had 8 kids, her 1st was the heaviest at 9p 4oz and the rest of us got smaller in weight, with the smallest baby weighing just under 8pounds and then baby no8 weighed the same as baby no1! smile

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