A little background to start with: DD and I had been on our own since I was pregant with her - then last year I met DP and in a very short amount of time I found out we were pregnant with DD2. at this time DD1 was 9 - so she had me to herself all that time then had to share me with DP.

DP moved in with us after knowing each other for 8 weeks - DD was excited as she has never had a father and seemed to like the idea of having a dad like person in her life.

DP had moved in and 3 months later recieved a phone call from his ex - she wasnt coping with SS at this time 18 months and she wanted DP to look after him for a while.

So DD now had an 18 month old running around and didnt handle the situation like I thought she might - she has always wanted a brother or sister and I thought by having SS here it may give her a glimpse of what it would be like.

So now she is saying she didnt want a brother or sister already born she wanted a brother or sister from me so we told her about the baby and she seemed happy.

So now 15 months later - we have a 8 month old DD who DD1 thinks I dont love her anymore as i have DD2 now and DP couldnt love her as she is not his kid - she hates SS with a passion and wants him gone and wants DP to leave and because I wont kick DP out wants to go and live with my sister.

DP and I love each other and are constatly cuddling each other and kissing and DD1 thinks this is discusting and wants us to stop and I tell her that we love each other and isnt it better that we show how we feel rather than not.

So she thinks we are gross that we are sex mad - never once has she seen us have sex!! Anyhow we have recently found out that she is looking up sex sites on the internet and when we first asked her she denied it saying that DP is lying and trying to get her into trouble. I took her aside and told her that if she was it was ok and she needed to tell me as I knew she was cruious and if she was she needed to us me about it and not look on the net for the information that I would tell her what she needed to know.

She said she wanted to know what does happen and I told her that she wouldnt find it on the net that it was degrading to woman and thats not what really happens. She thinks i am trying to ruin her life and im telling her i am trying to protect her. i just dont know what to do. I have made an appointment with a councellor with the family and child section of comm health but i just dont know what to do.

Any suggestions?