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Finally behaving? Is it just a faze? Lock Rss

Ladies I don't know how it has happened but for some reason my DD has began to behave herself all the time! After 4 amd a bit years of putting up with constant tantrums does this mean that I finally have the little princess that she is for others for me too? Or is this just her way in tricking me into giving her something that she wants and I haven't found out what it is as yet?
She did have a fear of my father as he had open heart surgery a couple of years ago, and has only recently been able to play around with her as he did before he had the surgery. Now she runs to him the minute that she sees him.
Can someone tell me if this stays at least for some time or will I loose this little angel that I have just got? Or could this be that she is ready to for the baby to come in 8 weeks (mind you this is before i am ready myself)?

little monkeys

they say that if children are going to mallo out that around 4 is the age it happens,they also say that if a child runs amok you have untill the age of 6 to bring them into line.well thats what ive heard DD turns 2 next month and as she understands more and talks more she seems to be more well behaved,but still screams her bum off at visitors of if strangers make eye contact or talk to her,or me for that matter.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

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