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Toddler and new baby sharing a room - does this work? Rss

Hi lovely mums!

My husband and I have been talking about when to have baby number 2. Nina is 8 months old, and I'm thinking ideally I'd like round about 2 years between them (I'm frighteningly clucky now, but I'll have to keep that under control for a wee while!).

The thing is, we have a two-bedroom house, and hubby really wants us to make a dent in the mortgage, so we can afford to buy a bigger place before we try for baby number 2. I think Nina's room is certainly big enough for a bed and a cot (and all the assorted child paraphenalia), and I don't want to delay getting pregnant longer than we want to just because of the house issue ...

Geez I can ramble on and on! Anyway, I wanted to hear from mums who have a toddler and a baby sharing a bedroom - whether they wake each other up all the time and drive you bonkers, or whether everyone gets along nice and hunky dory - is it really workable?

Thanks! Have a great day with your wee darlings! grin

This new forum is strange ...

Hi, My son and daughter share a room for the moment. Daniel is 4 1/2, Emily is 10 months. Anyway, as far as baby waking him up. I don't believe it has ever really happened. He does stir a bit sometimes, but I don't believe he has ever woken her up. I normally take her out of the room if she won't settle (obviously controlled crying is a no go solution at the moment) Emily slept in our room in the bassinette until she was 3 months old, then went to a cot.

Emily will go into her own room when we sort it out a bit more. It has formerly been hubby's study but he has moved it to the dining room so she can have her own room. (it means we have no dining room, but lots of people live on the street so who am I to complain) we eat at the kitchen table which is big enough to seat mr. 4, and hubby and I. I have no idea what we will do when dd grows out of her high chair, but like I said, lots of people live on the street.
My three girls share-we have a 3brm house but i have the other bedroom as a study.

Works really well-they don't wake each other up and when they wake up in the morning they play happily rather than screaming for us immediately! DS will go in with them in a few months-i think it's important for them to have some sort of routine before putting them in together.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, 1@5/4/06

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