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puberty starting already??? Lock Rss

my 7yr old has suddenly started having B.O! I was so shocked. Her attitude is def having moments like a 14yr old, but she's mostly her sweet self. Been told she is 2-3 yrs off periods! anyone else had this w there little girl n how/when did u prepare her? mine knows what periods are n why we get them, but HER getting them is a totally diff story!
My ten year old DD got her first period last month. Prior to that she had been hormonal and developing for the last couple of years. She knew what periods are and why we have them, and as my kids have all at some stage or other followed me to the toilet, they all have a fairly good idea of what it entails. When my DD got her period, she came to me and told me she had a problem. I showed her what to do and that was it. Until the next day when she had to go to school. I explained to her what to do while at school, I spoke to a staff member just in case she had a problem, and I promised to buy her a magazine and chocolate bar just so she would go to school. After that first day, there was absolutely no drama which I found very surprising considering how dramatic she generally is!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

This is all so scary and a topic that I'm not that far off facing and don't really want to be. Have discussed it with dd slightly but beyond that... :s good luck! smile
I got my period for the first time when i was 10 or 11 and had a heart attack! Mum thought i was way too young for the talk about it all so i had no idea! So i will make sure i tell my DD early! I had breasts from a very young age also where all my friends were completely flat chested so mum explained that part to me!
I remember it being a very weird and awkward conversation! Good luck, so not looking forward to my babies getting that old!!

I got my period at 11/12 when I was in year 6, I knew what it was as my mum had spoken to me about them. at 12/13 I was wearing 10D and I wasnt a big girl though very tall 12yO at 5"9
My mum was useless, I overheard her discussing pads with my older sister and when I got my period I would just take them from her supply and the only discussion we ever had was when my mum said "now darling you know you can't flush pads don't you" and that was it. I actually learnt the details of what was actually happening when you have your period from a Sabrina episode lol.

Also never had the sex talk from my parents, needless to say on both counts when DD is older I will be having both talks with her so she is informed.
Am following this topic... DD is 10. Very tall and seems to be developing faster than other girls her age b
Has the whole b.o thing happening, I went to chemist and got an awesome antiperspirant for her for $10 it's called a salt stick, should last 1 year supply.
She has been hormonal for ages and getting boobs and getting ' hair' armpits etc.... So I guess periods are just around the corner.
Does anyone have any advice on having the talk with their daughters, or is there a good book that explains this stuff for age...

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