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i just need to have a vent....
DS1, who is nearly 9, is struggling with the mates side of things. he is a great kid, just seems to be picked on for one thing or another. yes he is small, but tough.
anyway, he plays football and there is this one kid who constantly teases him, and as a result of this he has so far had 4 fisty fights with this kid. and last night it happened again, he called ds1 a name then ds1 retaliated and pushed him. this kid knows which buttons to push, and it sets ds1 off. well my ds got taken off the field, and the other kid got of scott free. now this is the only kid my ds1 is fighting with, i can see there is a problem here, but the parents can see him doing no wrong. what is worse is its the president of the clubs son..aghhh, so as punishment for our sons bad sportsmanship we have banned him from 2 games. but now because of this kid, he now doesnt want to play soccer or t-ball in the coming seasons because he doesnt want to have to play with or against this kid. i just think its unfair that my ds1 is missing out because of one little shyte!
I feel we have done the right thing, but why is it always kids are soo cruel???
Sorry to hear this and I am not talking from experience but have you tried getting your son to ignore this kid

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