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Advice on room sharing. Lock Rss

Hi everyone. Im a mum of five kids and after ideas on room sharing. My eldest is 10 and has a very strong bond with our almost two year old, (both boys). They used to share a room together, but our toddler kept waking early and would wake up our eldest.
I was concerned that he wasnt getting enough sleep, and he also said this. So we moved our eldest out and put him in with our 8 year old boy. He is now saying he misses sharing a room with his little brother, and wants to move his bed back in.
Im not sure of what the best thing to do is. We have also noticed a bit of an attitude problem with our 10yo, not sure if this has anything to do with seperating them. Any ideas??

3 boys, 2 girls

How lovely that your boys have such a wonderful bond!

My 12 year old has asked a few times if he can share with his brother (19 months). The little one is sharing with miss nearly 5 and I think his big brother misses being in the bigger room more than anything, although they are pretty close. My main concern would be that neither would get enough sleep as bubs is a noisey sleeper and the big boy is a light sleeper (apart from that the older one would get very upset if little brother got into his stuff).

blah blah blah (sorry for the ramble!) I think maybe move thm into the same room again jus to see what happens, they could be pining for eachother.

Good luck smile

Lisa, SAHM of 3

Wow, it's so great that your sons have such a strong bond, all the siblings i've pretty much ever met have hated sharing and want there own rooms, I hope my kids will have such a great bond.

I would say that if your 10yo want to move back with his nearly 2yo brother then let him, but if he wants to move back again then you'll just have to tell him tp make his mind up about it and that he can't change again.

If your 10yo has a bit of an attitude problem sit down with him and ask him what's wrong, but I would definately say move the two back into the same room again.

Hope I have been slightly helpful.

Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

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