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Help! My Four year old is out of control! Lock Rss


I am having problems with my four year old. Whenever I have people over he gets out of control. Hits and is mean to other kids. (Sorry, he is nearly 4).
I had a morning tea party yesterday. The three older kids were out the back playing on the playgyms. The little girl was up on the playgym and the two boys were trying to get up and she was pushing them down. My mum was out there hanging washing on the line and noticed my son was busting for a wee. She told him to go over to the corner and do it on the grass. He started then turned on the little girl and squirted all over her!
Her mum was disgusted (as you would be) and left.
ANY ADVICE. I really dont want this to happen again.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05


What did you do when he done that to the little girl?


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