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Is life a bit unfair for the first child? Lock Rss

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My son will be 10 next week, and yes i have noticed the same things you mentioned! My son had to save up for his own Gameboy, whereas the other kids i seem to be a little more relaxed and make the eldest share his things with the younger ones, even though he saved for so long! Now i feel awful..... I know he thinks he misses out on the attention side of things, he was my whole world and i only wanted a boy first, so when the others came along, he doesn't complain, he sort of goes quiet and doesn't have much to say. I make sure he has a day off school sometimes though, so we can do stuff that he likes doing and eating lunch out, just the 2 of us. I also think both of my children miss out ( an 8 yo girl as well) as when the 2 little ones came along (2.5 years and 19 months) we all sort of have to fit in when we can, as they are so demanding!!! So i think i feel more guilty about that than the eldest missing out.! We used to go to the movies and lunch on weekends, now it has to be when we don't have the little ones with us, and that annoys the bigger ones sometimes.if i had my time over and knew i was having so many, i would have had them all closer in age. I also think i give my 10 year old, so much more responsibility and expect more of him, forgetting that he is only a child himself... it's not easy is it???
a little unfair i think but our eldest son had more 1-1 time both myself and hubby so i think that the youngest gets the raw deal more often than not time wise anyway

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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