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having a new baby whilst studying Lock Rss

hi im a 29 year old mother of three under 10, my eldest is 10 then i left a 4 year gap and got married and had my son then waited till kinder year to have my youngest last year who turns one tomorrow , when she was 6 months old i decided to study full time completing my diploma in accounting hopefully making returning to work easier. Interested in catching up with anyone who is studying whilst having children under 2 or anyone who has my age gaps between children

Sara, Chris & Angel, Vic mum of three

Wow you must be so busy!! I have 3 kids 12, 4 and 20 months and I often think about studying (although I have no idea what I want to study lol). Miss 4 starts school in October and Im thinking of doing some distance learning and putting Jack into daycare one day a week so I can study.

I left work 2 weeks before I had Jack and decided not to go back after my 12 month maternity leave as I was just so busy with all the other stuff that comes along with being a mum. Now Im starting to freak out about being "unemployable" when I do decided to get back into the workforce

How did you decide what you wanted to get into?? I keep having ideas then changing my mind, maybe I should just jump right in and get started on something. I left school at 16 when I got pregnant with my eldest so its been a very long time since Ive had to study, do essays etc.

Look forward to hearing from you smile

Lisa, SAHM of 3

I studied 1 day while working fulltime when prgnant with DS 1, then worked 3 days and studied 1 day when pregnant with DS 2 and DS 1 was not even 1 yet. It was terrible. I cannot remember being pregnant with DS 2 and I cant really remember much about DS from 6mths to 1yr as I was that busy and sleep deprived that I dont remember (inc walking, talking etc). I can remember being very unreasonable and having to finish work early bc I didnt cope. I can also remember not being comfortable at the computer bc of the belly.

OH well its all done now and everyone is fine! But it was hard bc that was like working full time. I dont envy those who work full time, I hated it! (and I admire those who can)

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Hi Sara,

I am 31 years old. I am studing my Bachelor of Nursing Division 1. I have completed the first year and have deferred 1st Semester of the Second Year (this year). I am pregnant with my third and due in September. As my boys are 6 and 8 it wasn't too bad studying last year (except I have a medical problem, very low blood pressure), I go back to Uni in July to study four of my year three subjects as a lot are online or I only have to go to a few Lectures. If you organise your life pretty well and allocate time for Yourself, Family and University (in that order) you will be fine. You will find your lecturers have all the time for you if you have children, they are quite understanding. I know it will take me an extra year to complete my Bachelor, but hey I have all the time in the world.

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