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Funny things kids say! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd share this funny comment my DD, who is 6 years old said to me over the weekend.

I was moving a stereo system and my DD spotted a single record sitting on the turntable of the stereo.

She exclaimed "look mummy, an old fashioned cd".

Well I cracked up and when i said to her "that's a record sweety, we used to listen to music on those", she replied " yeah, that's from the olden days"

LMAO- I'm only 30 and still consider myself young, but think I might need to re-evaluate this; maybe I am getting old!!!!

Do you think the next question will be "what did the dinosaurs look like Mum?"

Have your kids said some funny things- please share!


Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

C'mon guys, someone else's kids must have made some funny remarks!!!

My DD cracks me up nearly every day- the latest she wants to be superstar when she grows up and wanted to know if she needed to ask the government if it was ok!!!! LMAO grin

I felt like telling her well the goverment wants to know everything else. LOL

C'mon guys do share!!!


Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

this morning was very foggy, while driving to school my 6 yr old son said i hope it isn't foggy at school or might crash into the buildings because i will not be able to see them

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hey everyone,

I remember my 2nd daughter asking me if in the olden days when I was litle was everything black and white.
Hi Jo

My next door neighbour asked my 3 yr old today 'when is the baby gonna be here?'

My DD replied 'when it is born'

My next door neighbour said well that's telling it how it is

She was flabbergasted!!!

my 6 yr old asked me where was i going? i said nowhere i am cooking dinner and he said with your cape on?? i dont often wear an apron LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


my 5 yr old daughter keeps telling me that if i dont turn the power points off they will go flat!

i was walking on a rock wall where the trawlers com in when my 3 yr old goes


they had lowered the sides and he thought they where wings i just had to laugh

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

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